RMDYCBD All In One Vape Pen

Are you looking for a convenient, minty, portable, ready to use dose of CBD goodness? Look no further, my friend, for RMDY proudly presents to you their CBD All In One Vape Pen with terpenes. This all-in-one pen comes packed with 200mg of CBD distillate in MCT oil – a coconut derived oil that is easily and effectively absorbed into the system.

Terpenes remain in the product for a few very good reasons. The terpenes work together with CBD to help them get through your bloodstream easier and also help to create that sought after “entourage effect.” This entourage effect helps to boost the effects of CBD overall.

You can expect 100-200 uses out of these vape pens. They are breath-activated and a delicious mint flavour.


100-150 mg/ml
200 mg/ml


Full Body
1 hour


Balance Feels Better. With RMDY, the brand offers high-quality cannabis goods such as pens, oils, melts, and mints. No fire, rolling, or grinding required! RMDY offers the best non-combustible forms of cannabis, helping users to enjoy as discreetly and as fuss-free as possible.

  • Non-combustible forms of cannabis.
  • Vape pens, spray oils, melts, and mints available.

So take RMDY with you anytime and anywhere – a safe and discreet way of enjoying all of the plant-based benefits without needing to strike a match. The perfect way to discreetly enjoy!

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto