Solei Gather Cannabis Oil
Solei Gather Cannabis Oil
Solei Gather Cannabis Oil
Solei Gather Cannabis Spray

SoleiGather Oral Spray Blend

A fast acting, ready to use, smoke free option, Gather Oral Spray from Solei comes in a 15ml bottle and can be used in many ways. We always recommend a spray under the tongue for immediate effects but the product can be sprayed in foods and beverages for consumption also. As the oil remains unheated the effects are quicker and more intense plus a more discreet way to use as you just spray and go!

With a THC range of 20-20mg/ml and 0-0.99mg/ml of CBD users can expect energizing, euphoric, relaxed, and uplifting effects. Gather is also known to improve mood and sharpen the mind. The strain is bred in house by Solei and is a potent indica strain.

Gather strain is grown with Solei’s 509 step manufacturing program, grown under strict quality assurance, so users can be sure of a pure, organic, contaminant free product.


20 mg/ml
0.99 mg/ml


Full Body
1 hour


Solei grows quality cannabis sustainably by harnessing the power of the sun. By using natural light, Solei creates a better product using methods that are energy efficient and eco-friendly.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto