Starseed Medicinal Inc.Blue Star 1

Blue Star 1 is one of Starseed Medical’s highest CBD bearing oils featuring a concentration of 18.8 mg/ml of substance. During extraction the retention of the desirable components of the original crop are in mind. The extraction process is specifically designed to retain properties and terpene qualities of the raw material instead of stripping them away. The resin is separated from flower material through a clean CO2 extraction method.

This specific formulated cannabis oil is created for oral ingestion or to be used as an additive to food and drinks. The concentration of this oil displays a CBD dominancy, which is great for inducing relief from muscle and chronic pain, stress and anxiety.


1 mg/ml
18.8 mg/ml


Full Body
1 hour

Starseed Medicinal Inc.

Make no exception, Starseed Medicinal Inc. wants you to feel great and safe. Their selection of whole bud and cannabis oil are the spawn of top-quality cannabis production.

  • A great range of products and strains for all types of users.
  • Produces its product as safely as possible.

From their neatly cut packaging to faithful flowers, each supply has the purpose of fulfilling your needs. Look forward to a stable relationship with Starseed Medicinal.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto