Whistler Cannabis CoSample Pack Brandywine / Super Sativa / Super Kush Oil 45 mL

This is the one for those in depth researchers that struggle to make a choice between products which outweigh each other’s qualities and properties that leave you second guessing. This cannabis oil sample pack contains three different strain oil varieties from Brandywine, Super Sativa and Super Kush. Each sample bottle contains 15ml of substance with a concentration of approximately 25.7 mg/ml of THC.

The sample pack also features a range of aromatics and flavours which they inherit from their base crop. From pungently sweet to smooth and silky, this range of oils is a great choice to dabble with different effects and qualities of the oil.


25.7 mg/ml
20.9 mg/ml


Full Body
1 hour

Whistler Cannabis Co

Whistler Cannabis Co is a collective of growers committed to growing cannabis naturally. As Canada’s first certified organic grower, Whistler Cannabis Co grows in small batches and uses local suppliers. All products are pesticide-free and hand-crafted. To do things right, sometimes it takes a little extra effort.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto