Whistler Cannabis CoTricouni Oil (Super Sativa)

Tricouni Oil is composed of a floral blend of carefully selected sativa-dominant cultivars that gives this extract its properties and qualities. Using a blend of a variety of flowers gives this oil a balanced terpene profile which presents mild floral and herbaceous aromatics and flavours.

The sativa based oil also presents a high THC profile of 24 mg/ml of substance which is a very high concentration therefore should be consumed with care. The oil can be consumed via a multitude of methods – to name a few, simply add some to your food or drink or simply palace a small droplet to the underside of your tongue. Users report deeply calming effects that enhance your appetite and keep you focused throughout the day.


24 mg/ml
0.1 mg/ml


Full Body
1 hour

Whistler Cannabis Co

Whistler Cannabis Co is a collective of growers committed to growing cannabis naturally. As Canada’s first certified organic grower, Whistler Cannabis Co grows in small batches and uses local suppliers. All products are pesticide-free and hand-crafted. To do things right, sometimes it takes a little extra effort.

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