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Critical Plus

This is a curated flower with ancestry originating from an older skunk phenotype by Dinafem Genetics. This is a strain dominated by its Indica properties that contribute to the effects of the flower. Critical Plus is a manifestation of Skunk and Big Bud that took first place in Highlife Cup, Barcelona.

The plant produces incredibly dense buds that have a wilted moss colour and pistil hairs that camouflage themselves amongst the similar tones. The bud is very resinous and appears to be well-coated. The key terpenes that influence the aromatics of this strain are Mycrene, Pinene and Caryophyllene, and this creates a fresh and tangy lemon zest scent.

These pre-rolls are made with 0.5g of dried flower with a total content of 21% THC and 1% CBD. Critical Plus works wonders for those who desire a better mood and increased levels of creativity.





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