FIGRNo. 14 Craft Pre Rolls

The strain’s name comes from the temperature at which cannabis is best stored, 17 degrees celsius is the optimum temperature to keep buds fresh and crisp before they are shipped off to you lovely people. With an indica-dominance and a moderate THC potency this strain is suitable for an array of daytime and evening applications. The potency levels can reach as high as 18.2% THC with minimal traces of CBD at under 0.7%.

The cultivar features quite densely structured buds with some layering among the calyxes and the dark green sugar leaves contrasted subtly by amber pistils and glazed in a layer of succulent crystalline trichomes. The pheno produces zesty aromas of citrus which are elevated once the nugs are milled.


18.2 %
0.7 %


Full Body
1 hour


With five generations of farming experience, FIGR doesn’t hesitate when it comes to perfecting the art of growing cannabis. They have a keen eye for noticing even the smallest imperfection — 150 years in the process would make sure of that! Their reliable products are a result of experts dedicating their time to accuracy.

  • Five generations of farming experience.
  • Use a 10-step process to determine if cannabis fits their quality standards.
  • No harmful chemicals used.

FIGR has leaned on their farming wisdom from past generations — not forgetting to keep up-to-date with new trends. The past, present, and future craftsmanship of this brand is one to trust. Not to mention that their cannabis is carefully curated, and selected for your contentment!

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto