It’s time to face your deepest, dankest fears with the Good Supply Monsters. Made from a combination of two of our most freaky potent strains frankensteined into a jaw-dropping 2.38g infused pre-roll with a scream-inducing 1,000mg of THC, they’re Canada’s strongest infused pre-rolls. Monsters feature strain-specific milled flower infused with strain-specific BHO, which are then coated in extract and dipped in kief for a man-made horror beyond your comprehension.

With their wicked 42.0% THC (that’s 420mg/g) potency, Monsters are on the loose in two unique forms: Monkey Walker (Indica) a monster mashup of Monkey Butter x Starwalker Kush and Golden Guy (Sativa) a terrifying twist of Jean Guy x Golden Goat. Slaying Monsters is for savages only, or call the crew and take on the extraordinary power of these beasts together.



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