Haven St.No. 415 Crimson Sky (Cowboy Kush)

Haven St. No. 415 Crimson Sky (Cowboy Kush) Pre-Rolls are a convenient, easy to use method of drifting off into dreamland. To help you decide among the varying effects of their strains, Haven St. have built a 5-block address-like system for easy exploration. The five blocks on Haven St. tell a unique story, with the intensity of experience increasing from The 100s to The 500s Block.

Falling into the 400s Block, known as ‘Drift’, Crimson Sky pre-rolls are a mid-to-high indica-dominant strain that offer absolute relaxation. The THC potential ranges between 13% and 22%, while the CBD potential can reach 3%. With the dominant terpenes d-Limolene, beta-Myrcene, and Guaiol, users can expect light peaty and earthy aromas contrasted with sharp lemon and fuel undertones. The sharpness, sweetness, tartness and astringent aromas of its origins make it unique, and may provide gentle effects of happiness and relaxation.


13-22 %
3 %


Full Body
1 hour

Haven St.

Haven St. is a premium cannabis brand inspired by a neighborhood that invites exploration and new experiences. Haven St. harvests exceedingly high-quality cannabis in a variety of strains targetting different experiences.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto