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Sensi Star Pre Rolls

Let this perfectly crafted pre-roll shine as brightly as its namesake suggests it should and take a little piece of the night sky with you wherever you go. This indica-dominant strain will leave your physical body feeling heavenly as your worries as light as air. With a THC potential ranging between 14% and 18%, with little to no CBD, this is a mid-strength strain that will leave you feeling relaxed without being glued to the ground.

The flowers are decorated with crystal trichomes, each one its own little constellation. Limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene terpenes give this phenotype a sweet, earthy aroma with woody notes. As this is a mid range strain it’s best to start with a low amount and take your increases slowly. So let the convenience of these pre-rolled masterpieces lull you into blizz and wrap you in the velvety nights’ sky.





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