Green Kush

Green Kush pre-rolls offer users the easiest way to enjoy a strain whose fresh aroma perfectly matches its name. A hybrid, indica dominant strain, Green Kush is the lovechild of Green Crack and Purple Kush that has an impressively high THC potential of 18-22% and minimal amounts of CBD that cap at about 1%.

The medium sized buds of this strain are a deep, luscious green and are flecked with alluring orange pistil hairs. The aroma is citrusy and earthy – full bodied and enticing, these pre-rolls are sure to be an instant favorite.

The dominance of Indica creates an excellent full-body high that is best enjoyed in the evening for instant relaxation. Expect an immediate cerebral high that quickly fades out and spreads over the body to create a perfectly lulling sense of heavy relaxation.





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