THC BiomedWest Coast Dream Pre Rolls

West Coast Dream by BioMed is a 50/50 Sativa-Indica strain pre rolled for a fast, full smoke! Discreet, disposable and easily shared among friends, this is definitely the West Coast Dream. With deep uniform green buds against dark brown the flavours and effects become more vibrant.

This strain is a mix of chocolatey earth tones with sweet fresh citrus leaving light spice tastes on the palate. The abundance of tastes prove great in hiding the cannabis tastes and smells, allowing for a more enjoyable experience. Users can expect a creative uplifting high ending in restful sleepiness which makes this a dream to take later in the day.

West Coast Dream boasts an impressive THC profile at a mild 14-18% and little to no CBD which makes it a great choice for those more experienced smokers. So let your imagination run wild and slip off to the west coast dream.


14-18 %
0-1 %


Full Body
1 hour

THC Biomed

Cannabis medicine should be affordable, accessible, and high-quality. This belief is at the heart of THC Biomed’s mission, where consumers come first. Headquartered in the beautiful British Columbia, THC Biomed is committed to sustainable and organic growing methods.

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