Balanced Pre Rolls

Get yourself back to level footing and regain your balance with this indica/sativa hybrid strain from Twd. Now available in these beautifully constructed, cone shaped pre-rolls, you can take a little boost of balance with you wherever you go! With a mild to moderate amount of both THC and CBD – between 5% and 13% THC and 3% and 11% CBD – this strain can be added to any day or night to effectively get you back to equilibrium.

This strain’s perfect green buds are accented by rusty orange pistil hairs. Overall, the terpenes myrcene and caryophyllene dominate the profile of this strain, adding the musty, earthy aroma you’d expect of these terps, with a spicy, warm clove-like note to round things off. As you’d expect, users will feel balanced rather than persuaded by any element of this strain, making this strain a great leveller at any time of day or night.





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