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Cinderella Jack Pre-Rolls deliver a range of colourful flavours straight from the blend’s terpene mix, which contains Myrcene as the primary driver for flavour. This presents rich herbal tones and floral notes, closely followed by pinene, caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene which add to the flavour in their own respective right.

Each pre-rolled joint is perfectly manicured into a cone-shaped format to deliver a smooth and consistent burn with a silky smooth smoke inhale. Cinderella Jack is a sativa-dominant cultivar producing an energized sensation that will get you up and doing things all day. The pre-rolls are available in packs of 7, each joint containing 0.5 grams of finely minced cannabis flower.


12-16.99 %
0-1.99 %


Full Body
1 hour

Weed Me

Weed you? No, Weed Me! Based in downtown Toronto, Weed Me do exactly what they say on the tin — provide excellent cannabis for you, for me, and for anyone else of legal age of course.

  • Canadian partner of “Dutch Passion” (based in Amsterdam).
  • Cultivate with a no-soil process to minimize human interference.
  • Keeps up to date with cannabis research in their lab.

As a trustworthy cannabis producer, the brand doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to consumer needs. Offering hybrid, indica, and sativa dominant strains, you don’t have to worry about what you’re missing out on — because you’re not. From pre-rolled joints right down to the seeds themselves, Weed Me has covered each vital base for your cannabis needs.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto