Whistler Cannabis CoBubba Kush Pre Rolls

The same Bubba Kush we know and love, just in a simpler and more accessible format that will keep you on a high wherever you are. The pre-rolls are available in singles containing 1 gram and packs of 2 containing 0.5 grams. Each joint is jam packed with terpene rich bud that is sure to fill the room with vibrant aromas that is Bubba Kush.

The pre-rolled joints are meticulously manicured to provide an even burning cone shape that is sure to satisfy all your cannabis needs. These little beauties provide quite a kick with an average potency potential of 19% – 25% THC with a rather quick onset of effects that may catch even the most seasoned smoker off guard.


19-25 %
0-1 %


Full Body
1 hour

Whistler Cannabis Co

Whistler Cannabis Co is a collective of growers committed to growing cannabis naturally. As Canada’s first certified organic grower, Whistler Cannabis Co grows in small batches and uses local suppliers. All products are pesticide-free and hand-crafted. To do things right, sometimes it takes a little extra effort.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto