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Don’t get fooled by the name, you’re not in the dark web – this is indeed a cannabis product which features a mid-high THC potency that will induce a powerful high. Opium is an award-winning hybrid cultivar grown and harvested by Wildlife Cannabis Co. with a THC potency level that can reach 17% – 20% THC with minimal traces of CBD at under 1%.

Since winning second place in the High Times Cannabis Cup, this variety has accumulated a lot of traction and popularity due to its diverse terpene mix and pleasant high. The active terpenes among this phenotype are myrcene and alpha-bisabolol – both of which have unique characteristics of their own – with myrcene to help with sleep and give these pre-rolls a powerful floral scent.


17-20 %
0-1 %


Full Body
1 hour

Wildlife Cannabis Co.

Itching for an adventure with no time to waste? Good thing that Wildlife Cannabis are practically ready before you are. With only the highest quality rolls selected, their four neatly packed pre-rolls are nestling gently in a reusable tin, ready to go.

  • Product comes in a tin of four half-gram pre-rolls.

Even if you’re not a well-rounded traveler, who doesn’t love a pre-roll? These hassle-free joints are perfectly packed without a crease or an edge to fault them by. And let’s not forget to mention that each pre-roll contains a half-gram of cannabis. Sit back and relax, or start exploring, but either way, this experience will be effortless.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto