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Distillate Vape CartridgesBuddies

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These Buddies cartridges contain distilled cannabis oil combined with 100% natural cannabis-derived strain-specific terpenes. Buddies in-house terpene extraction follows a patent-pending process that preserves 100% of the terpenes and converts them into a clarified oil that is reintroduced into the distillate. The result is a potent vape cartridge that stays true to the strain’s flavors and effects.

  • Made from single-origin cannabis 
  • Enhanced with cannabis-derived strain-specific terpenes
  • Sourced from ethically grown cannabis plants

With Buddies premium distilled cartridges, your vape pen will taste and feel like flower. Their true to strain experience preserves the original flavors and terpenes of each strain, resulting in a high THC oil that enhances the Entourage Effect. Go with Buddies if you want to experience superior, smooth, and potent vaping that you can afford.

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Full Body
3 hours

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto