Naked Tangie Live Resin Disposable

LEUNE’s Naked products are sourced from a true hybrid grown in reliable and extremely professional California-based farms. Naked Tangie is a high terpene seasonal hybrid strain with an equally high THC potency. This Live Resin product contains a single source live resin sauce extracted from freshly frozen top-of-the-line flower.

  • 82.67% THC
  • 0.78% CBD
  • Made using live resin
  • Native terpenes unique to the seasonal strain Tangie
  • 250 mg per cartridge

A total amount of THC makes for an incredibly potent yet relaxing high that fills you with creative vibes. The terpene profile from Naked Tangie includes Limonene that gives it a citrusy feel, Myrcene for the earthiness, and Terpinolene for the herbal touch. The live resin disposable comes with just the right amount of juice necessary for a buy-&-toss sort of product.





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