Best Dispensaries In Chula Vista, CA

Are you prepared for an incredible user experience? Here are five dispensaries that you simply must visit while in beautiful Chula Vista.

Sometimes, a big county like San Diego can be overwhelming. There are so many things to do, but it is difficult to know where to start. Thankfully for those stoners, weed is legal, and there are so many dispensaries to visit. 

Chula Vista is the second-most populated city in San Diego County, a city close to the beach and with many things to do. Chula Vista was founded in 1911, and since then, it has been an important city for the whole Latino community. 

This list includes five different dispensaries that can accommodate any special request. They all keep the essence of a city with so much culture. Chula Vista is a city full of Latinos that are going to help you have the best time of your life. 

Buy yourself some weed, light up a joint, and go enjoy some of Chula Vista’s beautiful beaches. Maybe grab some Tex-Mex munchies, a couple of friends, and enjoy. 

Harvest HOC

Harvest HOC was born in Arizona in 2013. It started as a business to get away from a regular life, but later it became an enormous retail dispensary chain that serves mainly Arizona, Florida, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. 

A good dispensary offers you the best products and the best customer service. Harvest HOC knows how to do that, but what makes their Chula Vista dispensary so special is its location. 

Harvest HOC has over 50 dispensaries, but the one in Chula Vista at 1214 Broadway has something special. This store is just a few blocks away from the beach, where you can go for a nice walk, grab some munchies on the way, and enjoy a sunny day in beautiful Chula Vista. 


Many dispensaries focus on having something different from others, mostly by growing their own flowers. What makes Grasshopper so special is the attention they give to all the products they sell. Grasshopper is the first licensed dispensary in Chula Vista, and their store is located at 376 Trousdale Dr.

Grasshopper uses their resources to test every product they sell at certified laboratories. They want every customer to be safe and have only the best quality products. The main goal is to offer the safest cannabis to the entire community.

Along with providing top-notch cannabis products, they also protect the environment by operating in a sustainable manner. They pay close attention to every element that might contribute to the creation of a safer environment. A place that ensures your safety is always worth visiting. 

March and Ash

Every stoner loves visiting dispensaries; being able to read about all the strains available is just so much fun. For everyone interested, March and Ash is like Disneyland for stoners. 

Their stores look like a combination of an art gallery, a library, and a museum. In Chula Vista, for example, there are two stores worth seeing. One is located at 684 Telegraph Canyon Road, and the other is at 885 East H Street, Suite A. 

Visiting March and Ash is a whole different experience. Here, you are going to find just the best cannabis products and a team of knowledgeable budtenders that can help you with everything. Take a couple of hours for yourself, go visit a March and Ash dispensary, light up a joint, and enjoy one of their facilities.

Element 7

For stoners, there is only one thing better than smoking: smoking for free. Element 7 wants every customer to want to buy from them again, which is why they offer a wide range of deals and reward programs. 

Element 7 offers discounts to seniors and veterans, and there are daily special deals. They also have a $1 = 1 point program where, after a few purchases, you can access a lot of products just for points. You can find everything you need and also get free things by applying for their rewards. 

Element 7 has multiple locations, one of them at 1208 Broadway, Chula Vista, Ca. Their dispensaries are full of life, have modern facilities, and are full of the best cannabis products. They have a wide variety of different products, including flowers, vapes, edibles, topicals, and more.

California Holistics

In addition to being a top-notch dispensary, California Holistics also supports the neighborhood by educating potential cannabis professionals as well as customers. In California Holistics, everyone is family, and they want the best for everyone. 

Cali Holistics is located at 810 Paseo del Rey, Chula Vista, CA. You are going to find the best guidance and the best cannabis products at their store. The impact that a business like this can have on the community is amazing. 

California Holistics works together with different foundations and collectives in order to have a closer Chula Vista community. As one of their most important projects, California Holistics is constantly hiring new employees and helping them start their cannabis careers.

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