Best Weed Pop Rock Candy

Pop rocks are back and in Delta 9 THC.

Do you remember pop rocks? They would explode in your mouth, producing a tingly sensation all over your palette. Those were the days.

We have great news. Pop rocks are available on the market and full of Delta 9 THC thanks to Kandy Boy, a new brand that launched early this year and is becoming a favorite of edibles fans. Plus, they are contributing to a significant cause for the cannabis industry.

About Kandy Boy

Kandy Boy is the new kid on the block of the cannabis industry. They launched in mid-2022 and are already taking the market by storm. The mission of the folks at Kandy Boy is to create tasty edibles with higher potency and cheaper than most dispensary edibles.

But the cannabis industry is about people. Thus, Kandy Boy seeks to have a positive impact on the community. That is why the brand has a partnership with the Last Prisoner Project, which aims to free people locked in prison for non-violent cannabis offenses in the United States.

That is a big deal since around 40,000 people suffer from this injustice currently. Now you can do something about it by buying some pop rocks and indulging your senses while helping others.

Effects Of Pop Rocks

Delta 9 THC Pop Rocks will get you high and feel the same deep relaxation and euphoria as when consuming it in any other form. The most significant difference is the tingly sensation of the pop rocks exploding in your mouth. It was great as a kid, and it is even better now.

It is important to note that pop rocks are edibles, so they kick harder than smoking weed. But your body also absorbs them quicker than most edibles. Then you can feel the effects in as soon as 15 minutes.

You might get an open appetite when the pop rocks kick in, so you should get some other snacks at hand.

Best Pop Rocks

Kandy Boy Delta 9 THC Pop Rocks

The Kandy Boy Delta 9 THC Pop Rocks contain 75 mg of Delta 9 THC in 6 grams of the delicious edible. You can eat the whole bag alone, but that might be too much. Plus, they taste better when you share. 

It is easy to divide pop rocks into as many servings as you want. Thus, it is perfect for sharing with some friends. And don’t worry about having problems with the law. These pop rocks contain hemp-derived Delta 9 THC compliant with federal law.

You would like to buy more than one bag since the flavors are so mouthwatering. You have:

  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon
  • Mango
  • Cherry Lime
  • Blue Raspberry

But we know it can be a pain to decide, so we recommend buying the 5-pack bundle. It brings a bag of every flavor for a lesser price than buying them separately.

They are available to ship to all 50 states. And remember that you will be helping a great cause for the cannabis community.

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