10 Genius Places to Stash Your Stash

Looking for the best places to stash your cannabis? We’ve got you covered!
10 Genius Places to Stash Your Stash

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A good stash spot for your weed will be entirely unsuspecting—it will not only conceal it but it will also hide the smell as well. These spots can help with nosy family, pesky landlords and whoever else just doesn’t “get” Mary Jane like you do (because you’re in love). Many of these spots hide your marijuana in plain sight which can fool even you (so don’t forget where you put it). Get that crafty mind working and check out these top 10 stash spots for keeping your cannabis safe.

1. Highlighter

Places to Stash Your Stash

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Hollowing out a highlighter is easy and is a great place to hold about a gram of sticky icky. The cheaper the highlighter the easier it usually is to get inside. Pop off the top of the pen, push some kleenex down the barrel to create a barrier between the ink of the pen and your stash. You can now store your bud and reseal the top looking oh so subtle.

2. Outside the House

places to hide your stash

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If you still live with your parents or have a landlord who is particularly anti-drug, your best bet is to keep your stash in the great outdoors. It is not worth being kicked out for weed. Consider hiding it under a rock (check out this fake rock, it doesn’t get more perfect than this) or in the garage or tool shed—so many options that won’t land you in hot water.

3. Deodorant Stick

It’s easy to hollow out a stick of deodorant—just roll the stick all the way up and pull it out, exposing just the bottom of the casing. Enough room for a couple grams and a joint. Foolproof.

4. Old Electronics

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Everyone has some old electronics lying around the house and fortunately for you, most of them are easy to take apart with a few simple screws. Battery packs are a great place to hide about a gram of bud, but if you are in need of a larger spot for a bong or pipe, consider a hollow speaker that has a large amount of empty space.

5. Clothing in the Closet

where to stash your stash

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Keeping weed in an old pair of jeans is so not suspecting that it may be your best bet. The only downside to this is ensuring you package the cannabis in a smell proof baggie or jar. Try the CVault Humidity Controlled Storage Container – it won’t smell and it’ll keep your stash super fresh!

6. Coffee Can

The pungent smell of coffee overwhelms the smell of cannabis and the texture of coffee makes the baggie of bud easy to hide at the bottom. Just keep the coffee tin in plain sight to not arouse suspicion.

7. Safe

Keeping cannabis under lock and key is a great way to ensure your bud isn’t found. You have the right to not open a personal safe for anyone!

8. Stash Book

Sometimes the best stash spots are in plain sight, having a hollowed-out book on a shelf will not look out of place and allow for quick access to your chronic when you need it. There are businesses that sell these stash books, but they are easily crafted if you have the right tools.

9. Diversion Can

Like the stash book, these cans can be bought online and they come in any presentation you want: Monster Energy, Arizona, or Coca-Cola cans are just a few examples. Choose your favorite drink to be your secret stash-can. They are, however, quite easy to make and can be an awesome stash spot for both the house and on the go.

10. Sliding Door Secret Compartment

This is the James Bond of all the stash spots; no one would ever suspect you were able to construct a moving picture frame to conceal your bud.

August 13, 2019 — Last Updated October 29, 2020
Written by Herb
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August 13, 2019 — Last Updated October 29, 2020
Written by Herb

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