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Guides | 01.25.2022

3 Accessories For Your Chill Bong

Check out these gadgets to take your Chill Bong experience to the next level.

The Chill Bong is the futuristic, yet simple piece you need to add to your collection. 

Consider it the sleek addition that won’t clash with your home decor, but rather enhance it.

By itself, the bong is cool enough to attract your attention, but let us tell you about a couple of accessories that will enhance your smoking experience. 

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Look, nothing is more annoying than having that one piece from a whole set break or show damage before the rest. 

This is why we recommend switching from regular glass bowl to this aluminum, magnetic bowl from Bowlz Official. It has a larger airflow channel that will make the smoke feel smoother and easily splits in half, making it easy to clean.

Ash Catcher

Now, this piece is quite the invention. It’s always a hassle to clean all of that ash out of your bong.

Well, not only does the Glass Ash Catcher capture most of the plant material, making it easier to keep your downstem and bong clean, but its honeycomb percolator boosts the filtration and allows users to physically see how much they’ve consumed.

Vitae Glass Mini UFO Percolator

But this piece, oh, it is truly a sight for sore eyes! The Mini UFO (unidentified filtration object) Percolator from VITAE Glass is an add-on that will both enhance the filtration of your hits, as well as the looks of your bong. 

It is designed to look like a small, alien spaceship, with angled slits that are flame polished will make for a unique look on your bong.

Keep in mind you will have to get the metal connection rings to use this accessory to its full potential with the Chill Bong

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