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3 Products for the Discerning Cannabis Consumer

With quality ingredients, masterfully crafted products, and a fantastic shopping experience, Serra is creating cannabis products for those who value the craft. Here are a few that you should check out. Created with Serra.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to navigate the sea of unending cannabis products that there is today. A landscape of products that not only becomes more and more challenging to understand because of the incredible amount of new specs that brands come up with to classify their products but also because there is a continuous, ever-flowing number of product innovations that we’re just not familiar with.

Getting to know new products can be awesome, but it can also be overwhelming. That’s why people often like to stick to the basics; the things they already know and understand. For instance, it doesn’t take you being an expert ‘chocolatier’ to know that you like a certain chocolate product. These are things you just know, you either like them or you don’t. This is something that many brands in the cannabis industry seem to have forgotten.

Brands like Serra make sure that they place special attention on getting the essentials right. Once the essentials are taken care of then innovation can come forth naturally. But the fundamentals are not part of a singular outlook, Serra knows their cannabis, but like you, they’re not expert chocolatiers or baristas.

Photo courtesy of Serra

That’s why they’ve taken the time to create quality partnerships that are able to make production of cannabis edibles a real art and not just a money-grab operation. They have had the privilege to work with best-in-class leaders in the field that every single one of their edibles falls into. Partners like Woodblock Chocolate, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, and Jacobsen Salt Co. are just some of their strategic partners.

Partnerships that give us, the consumers, the privilege of purchasing top-notch edibles instead of having to eat a subpar pot brownie baked by your college roommate.

Three Products You Should Try

Serra Gumdrops are made using real fruit and formulated with different THC:CBD ratios, each designed to provide a different effect on the body. Unlike other gummies, Serra Gumdrops are fashionably packaged and come in a 6 flavor variety of seasonal and tropical fruits including passionfruit, lemon ginger, and tart cherry. 

Photo courtesy of Serra

More than gummies, these are gluten-free and dairy-free treats that transform any moment into something much more significant.

Photo courtesy of Serra

Everybody has enjoyed a sweet caramel at some point in their life. For us, they make a part of our traditions and in some way an important part of our childhoods. At some point, we might have stopped consuming them but if there ever was a time to get back into caramels it would be now. 

Serra Caramels are individually wrapped, creative concoctions of high-end ingredients that have been infused with carefully extracted cannabis distillate.

Photo courtesy of Serra

Each Serra Caramel comes with a unique flavor and brand fusion to choose from, including Stumptown Coffee Caramels, Jacobsen Sea Salt Caramels, or Woodblock Chocolate Caramels.

Photo courtesy of Serra

With Serra flower you have the option of purchasing individually wrapped pre-rolls that are ready to light and smoke upon unboxing, or quality flower buds with alluring aromas if you enjoy the art of grinding and rolling your own joints.

We believe that there isn’t a purer form of consuming cannabis than flower, it’s where we started and where we want to end. Serra pays tribute to that belief by providing hand-selected flower grown using mindful cultivation practices.

Photo courtesy of Serra

All in all, if you value quality cannabis, head over to Serra and see what they have to offer. Everything about their products has been done with the utmost care for every single aspect, starting from quality ingredients, masterfully crafted products, and an overall shopping experience like no other in the industry. 

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