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4 Pipes Made For Fruit Lovers

Get ready for fruity highs. Created with Fat Buddha Glass.

Glassware might just be every housewife’s and stoner’s most prized possession, and some collect plates, while others collect bongs, bubblers, and pipes.

As you may all know, pipes and bongs don’t only serve the smoker’s need of combustion, but they are also a form of art that we value for its aesthetic purpose.

Check out these pipes sold at Fat Buddha Glass that you’ll love if you’re really into fruit.

Watermelon Pipe

The Empire Glassworks Watermelon Pipe is a beautifully designed piece that features vibrant colors and a triangular/conical shape that is comfortable to grab and use.

The pipe’s red, yellow, and green body makes no distinction between head and stem and is covered in black dots that resemble the watermelon’s seeds. 

This pipe is made from borosilicate glass which is resistant and strong, but you should keep it safely as any drop or hit may potentially break or crack your piece.

The watermelon pipe is about four inches long and weighs near 70 grams, a good, small size to keep in a jacket or purse when out for a walk or partying. 

Avocado Pipe

Some may not believe that avocados are fruit, but they have the necessary qualifications to make that category.

Empire Glassworks makes this stunning green Avocado Pipe that you can flash around for the show and is made with borosilicate glass.

This California-made pipe is around five inches long and has the distinct shape of an avocado, which is very practical due to how pipes normally look and work.

The pipe has a textured exterior that will feel great and allow the user to comfortably grip if they are clumsy.

Pineapple Pipe

Imagine smoking some Pineapple Express out of this Fat Buddha Glass Pineapple Pipe!

I am sure your friends will love the elaborate design and colors of this beautiful piece, but the most important part is it is made from heavy boro glass that is resilient and strong.

This 7-inch long pipe features a steamroller-style carb that will make your hits smoother.

The yellow body of the pipe is decorated with glass lumps that will help you grip your pipe better and look like the fruit it tries to resemble with the green stem and mouthpiece. 

Dragonfruit Pipe

This may perhaps be the most aesthetically pleasing and exciting pipe from the list.

The Dragonfruit Pipe, by Empire Glassworks, has a fascinating and elaborate design that will amaze anyone who eyes the beautifully made piece.

This borosilicate glass piece has the look and feel of an open dragonfruit. The 7-inch pipe has a bright red, green, and white color pattern that features black speckles that will resemble the dragonfruit seeds.

Aside from being a gorgeous piece, the design allows the user to comfortably palm the pipe and use the carb hole for amazing hits of dense smoke.

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