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5 Iconic Cannabis Gadgets

This is what happens when tech and design create game-changers in the industry.

Do you want to know what the five most iconic cannabis gadgets are?

You’re in for a treat because we are about to go down on the five most interesting, aesthetic, and iconic pieces of cannabis tech out there. 

From laser heating to wireless charging and much more, these gadgets have it in store for you to be amazed.

Prepare your wallet because you will want to jump in on the action. These toys are dope!

Hitoki Trident

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The primary difference between using a Hitoki Trident and any other traditional or “modern” form of smoking or vaping is how the combustion occurs. This baby is the future: The laser-powered combustion may just be what will revolutionize the industry. 

Imagine scorching a bud with the sun’s strength and a magnifying lens; the Hitoki Trident uses a laser combustion method that is unparalleled compared to traditional combustion with butane torches. The Trident can deliver rich, smooth user experiences using cutting-edge technology. 

This device may not be for the faint of heart; it is highly advanced and looks out of this world; thus, it will set you back nearly half a thousand dollars. 

The Hitoki Trident could be the answer to coughing and harsh hits to the lungs because it does not use butane, which might alter the flavor or qualities of your smoke. Instead, it uses a laser to ignite your ground herb instantly!

Also, the Trident’s water filtration technology is so effective that you’ll want to toss all of your other conventional gadgets out the window.

TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer

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The TOQi Wireless Vaporizer is the first of its kind, allowing users to charge their vaporizer wirelessly via Qi-compatible chargers. This gadget is a banger! The black and silver body with purple lighting accents makes this device stunning and stylish. 

For $59.95, you are getting the 510 compatible wireless charging vaporizer, a carrying case, the USB-C Charging Cable, a USB wall adapter, and their quick guide. It offers an attitude of elegance and fashion that may be unsurpassed, in addition to being absolutely stunning in terms of aesthetics.

The TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer works with 510 threaded cartridges, which are among the most popular on the market. Feel free to test out with cartridges that match your incredible energy. 

The quick charging capabilities of this device are a plus, as is the fact that you can simply put it down on your Qi charger and be done with it, with no need to connect and unhook.

Worth noting that this device does not come with a Qi wireless charging setup; you will need to purchase one separately or use your own, which many people already have.

Puffco Peak

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The Puffco Peak is naturally beautiful, elegant, and inspires comfort, luxury, and reliability. The engineering and design behind this piece may just be one of the most thorough due to the amount of time and resources invested in creating this incredible piece.

This portable vaporizer has outstanding battery performance and life, and it charges with quick ease. One full battery may provide the user with thirty dabs, and it will just take about two hours to charge back to 100%.

The Peak has four different temperature settings that allow you to customize your experience to match what you desire and need. You will get precise and quick temperatures with this gadget, but what I may find most impressive is how consistent the sessions you will get are. 

If you want to elevate your experience to the next level, which you probably thought was impossible, you want to take a look at the Peak Pro.

Although both devices virtually match in potential and power, the Pro allows users to connect their phone and vaporizers to fully customize the experience with lights, temperature control, and more.

OG Volcano Desktop Vaporizer

The Volcano, by Storz & Bickel, may possibly be one of the most iconic pieces of tech out there, and many users want to get their hands on this gorgeous gadget. The Volcano has more than twenty years of experience, a stunning, timeless look, and the guarantee of a  premium built and engineered vaporizer.

Many years of iterations and improvements have been made on this piece thriving since 1996. The massive herb chamber, temperature settings, and capacity to endure are the most important features to note. 

Another upside is you can get a Hybrid version of The Volcano which will set you back upwards of $650 but just about perfects what the Classic Volcano may lack. Some new features include phone connectivity, an LED screen, and easy-to-use buttons. 

Both of these devices offer one of the best vapor qualities you can get; just remember that this is a desktop device. This can favor groups of people and bigger sessions, rather the lone smoker that wants to use more conveniently.


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There’s a good assortment of iconic hand-held vaporizers on the market, and the PAX 3 may just be one of the top performers. This device is pristine and fashionable, easy to use, convenient, discreet, and much more. 

I do not mean to put the PAX 3 on a pedestal, but the design and features behind this baby are dope. The PAX 3 allows the use of dry herb and oil, which will elevate your experience due to how convenient it is when you can use any of your preferred ways to consume vapor.

There’s a selection of six cool colors, and for $250, you are getting a device that is easy to configure because it connects to your phone and that allows you to vape loose leaf or concentrates.

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