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5 Incredible Sativa Strains You Need To Try Right Now If You Live In Canada

Have you really experienced the true uplifting and energizing effects of a quality Sativa strain?

It’s a shame that Sativa strains often get a bad rap amongst seasoned cannabis users who are looking for less of a cerebral mind-high and more of a powerful, deeply sedated body high.

However, ideas that Indicas may be better than Sativas are simply due to the flower’s quality and potency. This means you might have tried a medium-quality Sativa strain and didn’t feel the powerful, creative, and stimulating effects you were looking for, which may have steered off Sativas altogether.

This is why we felt enough is enough; it’s time to shed light on the best Sativa strains to help you find that exciting social experience you can only find in flower of the best quality. Keep reading to see our top five.

What Is Sativa?

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Sativa is a variety of cannabis that, when grown, often produces tall and lanky plants. Compared to its counterpart Indica, these plants often produce short yet wider foliage. In fact, the thin Sativa cannabis leaf is the closest to resembling the legendary marijuana leaf that’s celebrated throughout the industry today. Those are the two main visual differences between these plant varieties, but in terms of effects, it goes much deeper than that.

What's The Difference Between Sativa & Indica?

As mentioned above, there are only a few visual differences when analyzing cannabis Sativa and Indica plants. The effects these varieties produce are wildly different.

For starters, an Indica variety is known to hit the user with deeply relaxing effects that send them straight to the couch. When modern society thinks of weed, chances are they think of the sleepy, dazed, zen, and chilled-out effects of an Indica strain.

On the other hand, Sativa strains are perfect for pumping up the party and sparking your social senses to remain aware, bright, and uplifted.

Indica’s also keep the user uplifted, but Sativas are known to trigger immense creativity, energy, and mental stimulation. This means you’ll want to talk someone’s ear off about that neat fact you just learned or dive into the next conspiracy theory rabbit hole.

However, there’s one major takeaway from Sativas that new cannabis users must know. When taken in high amounts, especially strains with high THC contents, the effects may produce unwanted anxiety or paranoia due to your fast-paced Sativa-induced thoughts. This is why we suggest beginners use powerful Sativa strains wisely.

It’s worth noting that a pure motivated, and sharp-minded Sativa high can only be experienced through top-shelf premium strains, so we’ve done the grunt work to help you finally achieve that creative high you’ve been looking for.

1. Contraband - CNDYLND

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It doesn’t get much better than the renowned CNDYLND strain from Contraband, a company that promises only to deliver what seasoned and passionate cannabis users would adore.

This energetic Sativa is a cross between Granddaddy Purple and Bay Platinum Cookies, boasting a generous 22-28% THC content. Right after a puff, your mind begins buzzing with a euphoric and energetic sensation that leaves you inspired to tackle any mundane task or even the most creative endeavors with ease, inspiration, and drive.

This strain is of the highest quality, which explains why it made our #1 spot for Sativas on the Canadian market. Beginners beware; it’s a heavy-hitter.

2. Carmel - ANIMAL FACE

A close runner-up would definitely be the Animal Face strain from Carmel Cannabis. This powerhouse strain was bred by Seed Junky Genetics in California and comes packed with a seasoned-user-friendly THC content of 24-30%.

We must warn you that because this strain contains such a high THC percentage, it’s best for daily users with higher tolerances. That aside, this hefty strain is a cross between Face Off OG and Animal Mints for a flavorful and terpene-packed hit.


The wide-eyed high produced by Weed Me’s Mandarin Cookie strain is another exciting experience and one that users must proceed with caution.

The ample THC content, 22-28%, is enough to send beginner users into a bit of an anxious state, considering Sativas often make the mind race. However, when consumed responsibly, this is the perfect strain to experience the full refreshing and lifted effects Sativas can offer.

It’s a cross between Forum Cut Cookies and Mandarin Sunset, producing a Sativa-dominant hybrid that’s packed with sweet, citrus, and diesel flavors.


The Amherst Sour Diesel strain from BZAM packs everything you want from a Sativa-dominant hybrid.

It offers another high THC content of 22-28%, meaning it’s ready to get your mind and body buzzing for social settings, daily chores, or any other setting that requires attention. The strain’s most dominant terpenes are myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene, which lend flavors of tropical fruit, citrus, wood, and diesel.

5. Edison - LIMELIGHT

Living in the limelight, the universal dream. Okay, enough with the Rush quotes for our fellow Canadians, this go-to Sativa from Edison is an incredibly reliable strain that’s known to melt stress from a long workday and instantly lift your spirits into a more optimistic, bright-eyed, and ready-for-action state.

The dominant terpenes in this 21-25.3% THC strain are caryophyllene, humulene, limonene, and pinene, producing flavors like tangy citrus, sourness, and floral hints.

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