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Guides | 03.17.2022

An Easy Guide To Growing Backyard Cannabis Plants

Take advantage of the upcoming summer season with some homegrown weed.

Summer is right around the corner, and if you have an earthy green thumb, you know that means seedling season is upon us. While it might seem like it’s a little too early to start sowing cannabis seeds, the plant actually takes about 14 to 36 weeks to fully develop.

So if you’re looking to harvest your buds from mid-June to early September, it’s time to start sowing your seeds. This guide will give you an easy rundown on growing cannabis in your backyard under natural sunlight.

Choose Your Seeds

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The first thing you want to do is head over to your local dispensary and ask the budtenders for reputable companies that sell seeds. Next, ask about different varieties like fast-growing plants and outdoor plants. Finally, from the seeds you chose to purchase, you want to pick the winners of the bunch that indicate a successful plant. Do so with the following tips;

  • Ensure the seed is a dark brown teardrop shape, but avoid seeds that show pale or green colors.
  • Only sow seeds that are hard, not soft or damaged.

Purchase Seedling Trays

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Whether you purchase biodegradable or plastic seedling trays, make sure you also buy a spray bottle and some tags to help you know which slot holds which seed. You’ll want to start sowing your seeds for a summer harvest around this time of year (literally in the next couple of weeks). Some growers swear by pre-soaking their seeds for seven days to speed up germination, but this can cause mold, so it’s you’re choice.

Snag some potting mix to fill your tray, gently make 5mm deep holes, and place one seed inside with the pointy end down. Dust some soil on top of the seed without packing it down, and moisten it using a spray bottle. It’s important not to overwater these little guys. Your seeds should begin to sprout within 4-5 days of proper care and access to light.

Find Growing Bags Or Pots

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Once your seedlings begin to produce adult leaves, you can gently pick them up to examine their roots system. If the roots seem pretty dense and compact, it’s time to transplant them into a bigger space. Your best bet for an easy transplant is 7 to 10-gallon growing bags like these on Amazon.

You’ll need a lot of potting mix to fill these your bags. You’ll also need some added nutrients, which you can read more about here. Once you’re ready, transplant your seedlings into the bags until the bottom half-inch of the stem is submerged in soil. You ideally want to place your bags in a spot that gets direct sunlight for at least 5 hours. Water once a day, but for more care and tending tips, check out our complete guide to growing weed outdoors.

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