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Atmos Kiln Review: The Good, The Bad & The Good To Know

We tried and tested this device that turns any 510 mod into a powerful dab rig.

Atmos Nation, manufacturers of the Atmos Kiln, has a strong reputation for producing wax pens that meet user’s demands and stand tall for quality. The Atmos Kiln is one of such amazing wax pens that has been invented and thrown into the market by Atmos Nation. 

While the pen price fluctuates from $55-$70 depending on where you are buying it from, it ticks off the list of what a pen should have and do. In this article, we will give this wax pen a careful look, exposing the beauty and elegance of the product, as well as areas you should take note of. 

Having the best gadgets to keep our cravings under check is a blessing when it comes to a good smoke. This is a suitable investment and an obligation that we should carry on our shoulders, and if you are wondering which pen should meet your goals, maybe the Atmos Kiln can.

Let’s see what this pen has in stock.


Photo courtesy of Atmos

A wax pen should not be imposing with its size; who likes the name “smoker”  being attached as a title to one’s description? We all love it discrete, a nice corner to catch some smoke and zoom, we are off. A compact design is the solution, and this is where Atmos Kiln kills it. 

The compact design of the pen will blow your mind and get you going, made of pure ceramic, this wax pen ticks the list for a travel-friendly companion and a pen that fits into the hands. The 4-inch size is never a problem to deal with; you can catch your smoke just anywhere. 

Aside from the pristine look that the pen carries, the portable size and powerful performance will gladden your heart for real. It is insulated so that you can smoke and don’t feel the pen getting hot; the advanced ceramic heating technology makes this a wax pen for the future.

Battery Life

We all love it when we can have rounds of a good smoke, without the fear of having our pen go off, at that point when it matters most. This is a disturbance we all don’t love being exposed to; it can kill off the craving, especially noting that you will need to charge the vape pen, after all. 

With a 950 mAh battery, you are sure you will enjoy a long vaporizing session without issues, and I trust you love this vibe. The battery life is impressive, and it comes in handy for your long sessions, a beauty you will always admire. Interestingly, if it goes off, you can have your 510-threaded battery charged up to serve as a backup to the pen battery. 

This is more like second life, right? The Kiln produces fantastic results; the pen’s build allows you to use other batteries like a 510-threaded battery, so you are in the best hands here. Enjoying your smoke has never been this easy!


Another area that quickly strikes a balance is the performance; you enjoy instant heating with this vape pen, you don’t have to wait for a few minutes before this happens. It is almost automatic! It heats faster than most vape pens and comes with a beautiful draw length that stretches around 3-5 seconds; never has a good smoke been this beautiful. 

The airflow is clean, beautiful, and smooth. This way, you don’t have to choke yourself trying to enjoy your smoke; you owe yourself the sacred duty to stay alive after all. With a good and mind-blowing vapor under check, you have nothing else to worry about.

Ease Of Use

Photo courtesy of Atmos

A second button is almost the thing with all vape pens these days; the reality is that it shouldn’t be trouble trying to turn on your vape pen and get it working. Who has the time to read instructions? When the soul comes calling, we only want to get the craving attended to, and this is it! 

On the Atmos Kiln pen, you have a single button to go with, the usual five clicks will turn it on, and boom, it is working. However, you may need to hold the pen when you are inhaling to give you the best results at all times.


It costs between $50-$70 and even more; it all depends on the site you are buying it from, and if you have a loyalty program on the site, it might be even cheaper. 

What Don't We Like About The Pen?

It comes with a small chamber; this can be a burden when you load enough concentrate and get going. It doesn’t work that way; you have to take it slow here, only a tiny concentrate at a time. Also, the white design can be an issue; it calls for regular maintenance. 


The Atmos Kiln is a fantastic delight for every lover of a good smoke; it is easy to use and comes in handy at all times. The price might be a bit over the roof, but if you have the money, then this is an investment you shouldn’t miss. 

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