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Best Cannabis Innovations of 2019

Gizmos! Gadgets! Odds and ends! 2019 is the year that weed went high-tech. Get your geek on with the hottest new innovations of the year—just don’t forget to pass the bud.

2019 will be remembered as the year cannabis went high-tech. From California to Canada, innovators in the cannabis space have taken advantage of its legal status to develop groundbreaking products that tap into the plant’s full potential.

Want to cultivate your own cannabis plant while barely lifting a finger? Test the exact potency and dominant cannabinoid makeup of your flower on a moment’s notice? How about consuming cannabis like royalty out of a champagne-glass-looking vaporizer?

This year, cannabis enthusiasts have been given the tools to experience their favourite plant like never before. And for many, the problems of the past—like getting the right dosage, tracking down your dream products, or making edibles without stinking up your home—met their end in 2019.

Best Cannabis Innovations of 2019

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With all of the exciting new cannabis innovations that came out this year, you may feel like you’re living in some cannabis-infused version of the Jetsons. In case you blinked and missed it all, we’ve tracked down the coolest gadgets, and most game-changing technologies that were released this year. So whether you’re looking for that state-of-the-art vaporizer that makes consuming cannabis both easier on the lungs and flavourful on the tongue, or a fully-automated growing machine to cultivate your own plant, these are the best new cannabis innovations of 2019.

Best Vaporizers of 2019

Dr. Dabber SWITCH

Dr. Dabber Switch Portable Rig

Photo from Dr. Dabber

This patent-pending induction vaporizer is one of the most versatile units on the market, allowing for both flower and concentrates consumption in a single device. The SWITCH comes with 25 different heat settings that are specifically designed to do everything from boost vapour density to optimize the flavour of your flower or concentrates. Allowing for an astounding 150 uses on a single battery charge, this vaporizer can be used at home or easily taken on the go.


The G Pen Connect is designed for concentrates enthusiasts who want to experience the full terpene expression of their product and maximize vapour density, all while minimizing heating times. Using patented reverse airflow technology to more evenly heat your concentrates, the G Pen Connect will let you experience the flavour of your concentrates like never before while wasting less. In just five seconds, the ceramic heating element of this vaporizer reaches temperature and you’re ready to take a hit.

Bello Vapor Tap

Photo from Bello

The Bello Vapor Tap is the champagne glass of cannabis vaporizers. It’s elegantly designed so that when you draw vapour, it has the appearance of “drinking” rather than smoking. This high-class vaporizer is the perfect companion for a dinner party, wine and cheese night, or for the cannabis consumer who enjoys the finer things. Just ask Anderson Paak, or 2Chainz, who called the Bello “the future of vaping.”


Photo from PAX.

Sleek, sophisticated, discrete. PAX made a name for itself as one of the hottest and top-selling vape brands since they put out their first vape several years ago. With the PAX 3, a good thing just keeps getting better. The PAX 3 features a conduction oven, which uses hot air to heat your flower. This is fancy technology for a portable vape since most portables rely on a hotplate that risks burning your precious flower and extract if it gets too hot. Plus, this vaporizer also features customizable temperature settings and app integration. If you’re looking for a high-quality device, the PAX 3 is always a good bet.

DaVinci IQ2

Photo from DaVinci

Puffing this vape might not make you a genius, but the engineers behind the DaVinci IQ2 certainly are. This high-tech vaporizer can help you track and dose your cannabis consumption with each draw. The IQ2 is an app-integrated portable vape designed for true cannabis connoisseurs. Enjoy a high-quality experience with adjustable airflow, precise temperature control, and an inhalation experience that runs 50% cooler than the average vape. It’s also dual-use, meaning that you can enjoy both concentrates and flower with this luxury device.

Double Barrel

Photo from DoubleBarrel

Watch out, it’s loaded. If you love vapor cartridges, Double Barrel is twice the fun. Thanks to dual cartridges, this one-of-a-kind vape delivers one of the most powerful vapor experiences on the market. Double Barrel is the brainchild of 14th Round, the design and engineering team behind ingenious inventions like Dosist, Sunday Goods Effect Pens, and many other vaporizers.

Best Cannabis Apps of 2019

Herb App

Just like Uber gave you your own personal driver, the Herb App is now giving cannabis enthusiasts their own personal cannabis concierge. This app provides you with smart, personalized recommendations to best serve your personal tastes in cannabis products while offering the most comprehensive overview of their effects, components, and even the experience you’ll have upon consumption.

With high-quality photographs of virtually every cannabis product on the market and detailed descriptions of the facilities that make them, you’ll never again have to walk blindly into a purchase you regret. Whether you’re looking for the most up-to-date cannabis tech and accessories, or staple products like cannabis flower to catch a vibe, the Herb app is your best bet at finding the cannabis products you love.


Photo from Leafly.

Looking for the best strains? What about the closest dispensary? The Leafly App is an award-winning app that allows you to find retail stores, rate your favorite strains and locations, read reviews, and order cannabis for pickup. Thanks to Leafly’s new categorization system, you can now browse cannabis cultivars by their effects and aromatic families, making it easier than ever to find plants and products with distinct chemical profiles. Plus, Leafly will send you notifications about new deals from your favorite spots. Happy swiping!

Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm

If you’re looking for a hands-on, detailed, and most importantly fun way to learn how to grow and harvest cannabis, WizKhalifa’s Weed Farm is the perfect app for you. Created by the cannabis kingpin himself, this app shows you the ropes of cannabis cultivation and gives users access to an online simulation of the legal cannabis market where you can build your own virtual empire. Whether you’re looking to one day scale a real-life cannabis business, or are a cannabis-loving gamer looking for a challenge, be warned—unlike cannabis itself, Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm is highly addicting.

Best Home Grow Tech of 2019


Automated Grow Box with Seedo

Photo courtesy of Seedo

Seedo is a life-changing product for cannabis consumers who prefer to know exactly where their product came from, but lack the time to cultivate, or space in their home to build a grow room from scratch. The process more-or-less works like this: users put in a seed, pair their phone to the Seedo app, and are alerted when their cannabis plant is ready for harvest. Best of all this self-contained, automatic grow-box is odour free and discreet so you can go from seed to harvest while barely lifting a finger, and without anybody ever knowing.

Kikkerland “Water from a Stone”

Kikkerland Water from a Stone

Photo from Kikkerland

This is the perfect product for hands-on growers who need a reliable way of watering their plants when they go away for the weekend. The Kikkerland “Water from a Stone” globes are easy to use, economical, and get the job done. Simply fill the “stone” with water, carefully place it on a level surface in your planter with the cork facing down (make sure the release hole isn’t being obstructed), and let it work its magic. If you see bubbles rising from the water, you know the “stone” is doing its job properly, and you’re safe to leave your plants unattended for the next 3-4 days.

HHCC’s Xiaomi Plant Monitor

Bluetooth Plant Monitor

Photo from Xiaomi

The Xiaomi Plant Monitor is an essential piece of growing equipment for those looking to maximize the quality and yield of their plant. This sensor analyzes the growing conditions of your plant in real-time to give you up-to-date readings on temperature, moisture, light, and soil fertility. Use Bluetooth to connect to the device through the mobile app, and use the user-friendly interface to get tips on what your plant needs each day to reach its full potential.

Best New Weed Tech of 2019


Cannabis Potency Testing

Photo courtesy of TCheck

The T-Check solves one of the biggest problems that consumers experience with cannabis products—proper dosing. This ingenious device lets you test the potency of your dried flower, edibles, infused oils, concentrates, and more. Best of all, the T-Check is extremely easy to use and gives you accurate information on potency and the dominant cannabinoid in your cannabis product in just a few minutes.

Otto Automatic Grinder

Electronic Herb Grinder

Photo from BananaBros

The Otto Automatic Grinder is designed to produce perfectly rolled joints that burn slowly and evenly all the way down, for the perfect smoking experience every time. This advanced, electric grinder uses aerospace engineered aluminum milling plates to grind your cannabis to the perfect consistency. Just insert your dried flower, add an empty pre-roll cone to the glass filling tube, and press start. In mere seconds, this little machine will prepare the perfectly sculpted joint that will make store-bought pre-rolls look like amateur hour.

NELOMO HD Smartphone Camera Lens Attachments

NELOMO HD Smartphone Camera

Photo from NELOMO

This HD, super-wide camera lens easily attaches to your smartphone so you can take professional-quality, macro photos of your cannabis flower. This is a fantastic tool for cannabis growers who need to inspect the development of their plants’ trichomes to determine when it’s time to harvest. The NELOMO smartphone lens also gives you the ability to closely inspect your flower for mold, mites, or other types of damage that may render your cannabis dangerous for consumption.

Best Cannabis Cooking & Infusion Technology of 2019

NOVA Decarboxylator & Infuser

NOVA by Ardent

Photo by Kaya Blaze Kelley for Herb

The NOVA decarboxylator and infuser lets you maximize the potency of your edibles while simplifying the cooking process, and wasting less cannabis. With the push of a single button, this FDA approved, BPA-free, food-grade product fully activates your cannabis flower so you can make store-quality edibles at home. Unlike the oven, which can overwhelm your home with the smell of cannabis, the NOVA’s airtight design makes it completely odourless and discrete.

Magical Butter MB2E Botanical Extractor

Magical Butter, Weed Butter Machine

This automated infusion device takes the labour out of making cannabis butter, oil, tinctures, topicals, and more, for a safer, more consistent, and 100% hassle-free process. The Magical Butter MB2E takes care of everything from grinding your cannabis to heating it to the optimal temperature, and even stirring it periodically for the perfect results every time. And if the process couldn’t get any simpler, the MB2E even comes with a self-cleaning feature so you never have to worry about making a mess.

Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser

Herbal Infuser

Photo from Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser

The Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser is designed for the busy cannabis consumer who wants to make cannabis butter, oil, and/or tinctures, without needing to dedicate an entire afternoon to the process. Simply add your decarboxylated cannabis flower into the Mighty Fast chamber, add your oil or melted butter up to at least the minimum fill line, then select one of the three time-cycles on the lid of the infuser. In as little as 45 minutes, your cannabis-infused butter or oil is ready to go.

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