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Guides | 01.07.2020

Best Cannabis Products of 2019

Grab your lighter and kiss the year goodbye—we've found the best cannabis products for your 2019 bon voyage party (AKA New Years 2020).

It’s been a good year for cannabis consumers. You can now find cannabis in your foods, lip balms, bath products, and topical creams. And with an increasing number of states opening their doors to the legal cannabis industry (this year, Illinois became the 11th state to legalize cannabis), these products are more accessible than ever.

In states and countries where legal cannabis is available to adult consumers, it has finally taken its rightful place on the shelf next to some of the most revered recreational, and health and wellness products in the world.

Best Cannabis Products of 2019

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As legal cannabis expands into new states and countries, consumers get to experience the plant like never before. If the cannabis flower of 2019 would be virtually unrecognizable to past generations of consumers, the cannabis-infused beverages, edibles, and topicals would blow their minds. 

Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or trying to defeat the mid-afternoon energy slump, there’s a cannabis product for you. But you don’t want to buy just any old pre-roll—that was your life before cannabis was available at your friendly neighbourhood dispensary. You deserve to experience cannabis at its best. After researching and testing out hundreds of products, we’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation so you can sit back and enjoy the best cannabis products of 2019.

Best Flower of 2019

Sherbinskis Sunset Sherbert

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Photo from Sherbinskis

Let’s face it: some cannabis breeders blow everyone out of the water. Sherbinskis is a master of modern hybridization; he’s the original creator of the Pink Panties and Gelato cultivars. But, his number one strain? Sunset Sherbert. Sunset Sherbert is an award-winning strain, complete with complex aromas, a decadent look, and ample THC potency. It’s an offspring of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties, so the fact that this indica-hybrid has quickly dominated dispensaries across the West should come as no surprise. Prepare yourself for a full-body experience.

Cannabis Flower by Willie's Reserve

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Photo from Willie’s Reserve.

Started by famous singer-songwriter Willie Nelson, Willie’s Reserve cannabis flower is for consumers who care about where, and how, their cannabis was grown. Willie’s Reserve offers some of the highest quality cannabis flower on the market, directly sourced from local, independent farmers in California, Colorado, Maryland, Oregon, and Washington. Each package of Willie’s Reserve features the name of the farm it came from—check out the Willie’s Reserve website to learn more.

Cannabis Flower by Sunrise Mountain

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Photo from Sunrise Mountain.

This award-winning organic cannabis flower comes from the mountains of Northeast Humboldt County. Grown at 2,500 ft with fresh mountain spring water, at an optimal temperature, surrounded by hundreds of acres of untouched forest, the terpene expression of Sunrise Mountain’s cannabis is as pure as it gets. Along with their environmentally conscious growing process, Sunrise Mountain is known for their laboratory tested soil and fertilization formulas—choices which allow them to produce some of the most potent bud on the market.

Cannabis Flower by WonderBrett

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Photo from Wonderbrett.

Want to buy your cannabis from the same grower that Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Xzibit bought from? WonderBrett was created by the legendary grower that first introduced OG Kush to the market in the ’90s. What used to be a luxury black market cannabis brand for the rich and famous has since broken into the legal market so you can smoke it without needing to make a platinum record first.

Best Pre-Rolls of 2019

Island Pre-rolls

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Photo from Island.

All of Island’s artisanal pre-rolls contain 100% natural, non-GMO cannabis. So, you never have to worry about smoking something unsavoury. Their luxury line, Island Premiums, feature biodegradable filters, providing a “light and relaxing experience” and a classic look. (Like cigarettes, sans tobacco.) 

Stone Road Pre-rolls

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Photo from Stone Road.

True to the culture, Stone Road still uses the word “joints” rather than “pre-rolls” to describe their product. And their joints are some of the most highly revered on the market. Every joint is rolled with sun-grown cannabis that was harvested using strictly organic practices, and to prove it, you’ll even find a photo from one of their boutique farms on the outside of the box.

Pure Beauty Pre-Rolls

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Photo from Pure Beauty.

Founded by the same team that brought us Marley Natural, Pure Beauty’s indoor-grown, premium pre-rolls contain some of the highest-quality cannabis on the market. Pure Beauty’s pre-rolls are also well-known for their cigarette-like shape, which is preferred by many consumers for the way they burn, or for allowing you to blend into a crowd of cigarette smokers.

Best Edibles of 2019

Kiva Terra Espresso

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Photo from KIVA.

Dark chocolate. THC. Espresso beans. What’s more to love? Kiva Terra Espresso bites contain a subtle 5mg of THC per bite, the perfect amount for a mellow afternoon pick-me-up (or early morning, if that’s your jam). An entire container includes 20 bites, which is more than enough to share.

Dixie Birthday Cake

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Photo from Dixie Elixirs.

Dixie Birthday Cake combines creamy white chocolate, rainbow sprinkles, and frosting flavouring for a mouth-watering THC-infused chocolate bar that tastes like birthday cake. Each bar is packed with 100mg of THC, with 8mg in each piece. It may be hard to resist eating this entire chocolate bar in one sitting, but we recommend starting off with one piece and waiting a few hours before consuming more.

Twisted Jelly Bombs

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Photo from Twisted Extracts.

Twisted Jelly Bombs are one of the most well-known, and thoroughly enjoyed, edible cannabis gummies on the market. They come in a wide range of flavours, and are available in sativa, indica, and CBD varieties. Whether you’re looking for pain relief, a boost in creativity, or simply a fun recreational experience, there is a Jelly Bomb for you. 

Défoncé Bites

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Photo from Defonce.

Défoncé Bites are a great option for cannabis consumers who prefer low-dose edibles. Available in a variety of flavours—whole-roasted almonds, dark-roasted espresso beans, whole blueberries, and whole-roasted hazelnuts—each bite is coated in fine Belgian chocolate and contains 5mg of THC. 

Best Cannabis Beverages of 2019

Mirth Provisions Sparkling Tonics

If you’ve ever had doubts about cannabis-infused beverages competing with craft beer, feast your eyes on Mirth’s all-natural sparkling tonics. Available in five flavours (each offering its own “experience”), these infused beverages are made with real fruit and locally sourced ingredients for an unbeatable taste that leaves you with the perfect high.

Sweet Reason Hemp-Infused Drinks

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Sweet Reason Hemp-Infused Drinks have a lot going for them—they’re cool, calm, collected, and filled with CBD. Sweet Reason made their sparkling water with only natural ingredients, including natural flavorings and organic hemp-derived CBD. Choose between bright Grapefruit, calming Strawberry + Lavender, cool Cucumber + Mint, and succulent Lemon + Rhubarb. Now, we’d call those four sweet reasons to slow down.

Good Day Cold Brew

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Photo from Good Day.

CBD and coffee is a combination that cannabis enthusiasts all over the world swear by. Now you can get the uplifting effects of coffee, with the mellow properties of CBD, all in one delicious cold-brewed coffee beverage. All of Good Day Cold Brew coffees are made with Fair Trade, organic coffee beans, and come infused with 15mg of hemp-extracted CBD.

Aurora Elixirs

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Photo from Aurora Elixirs.

Aurora Elixirs was founded by luxury wine and spirits expert, Victoria Pustynsky, who wanted to introduce a new level of sophistication to the infused cannabis beverages market. These premium sparkling beverages come in three unique flavours—lavender spice, rosemary grapefruit, and cayenne citrus—each containing 15 mg of full-spectrum hemp-extracted CBD.

Best CBD Products of 2019

Sparkling Beverages by Recess

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Photo from Recess.

These sparkling beverages are extolled as an antidote to the stress and exhaustion of modern life. By combining unlikely flavours with hemp extract and adaptogens, Recess sparkling beverages aim to bring you back down to earth. Drinking one of these beverages won’t make you feel high. Instead, as Recess puts it, “it’s how you wish that 2 pm coffee would make you feel.”

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

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Photo from Charlotte’s Web.

Charlotte’s Web CBD is easily one of the most well-known CBD brands in the industry. The original Charlotte’s Web CBD oil was created by the Stanley Brothers, who developed some of the first high-CBD hemp cultivars for medical cannabis patients in Colorado. Their famous products have since been released to the masses, giving consumers across the U.S. and Canada access to their groundbreaking botanical extracts. Their lab-tested original formula is featured here in its 50mg concentration.

MedTerra CBD Rapid Cooling Cream

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Photo from MedTerra

What’s even better than CBD? A botanical bouquet of CBD, arnica, and menthol. MedTerra’s Rapid Cooling Cream harnesses the power of botanical science for all-natural joint and muscle support. MedTerra uses 100% USA grown-and-extracted CBD, ships their product to all 50 states, and is available in strengths of both 250mg and 750 mg. 

Best Topicals of 2019

Foria Pleasure

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Photo from Foria.

Foria Pleasure is a THC-infused lubricant made from sun-grown, organic cannabis cultivated in the USA.  Specially formulated for women, this lubricant reportedly enhances pleasure for deeper and more easily accessible orgasms. It’s also independently lab-tested for purity. But, if you live outside of California or Colorado, don’t worry! You can purchase a CBD version via Foria Wellness

Night Magic Facial Oil

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Is your skin feeling the effects of chronic stress? Prima’s Night Magic Facial Oil is infused with 150mg of broad-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD, designed to hydrate and brighten the skin on your face while you sleep.

Weed Sport CBD Muscle Rub

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Photo from Weed Sport.

The ingredients in Weed Sport CBD Muscle Rub speak for themselves. There are no synthetic additives or difficult to pronounce ingredients in this stuff. The high-powered recovery cream contains a specialized blend of synergistic essential oils and natural compounds. Arnica, menthol, peppermint, tea tree, cornmint, camphor, and CBD are all infused into a base of moisture-rich oils—coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, and beeswax, to be precise. This is one potent botanical concoction.

Balance CBD Cream for Muscle Relief

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Photo from BalanceCBD.

This topical CBD cream takes aim at muscle tension and joint pain with 300mg of hemp-derived CBD per bottle. Whether you’re looking to soothe your aching body after a long workout, or simply have built-up tension from hours sitting in front of the computer, Balance CBD cream was designed with potent Nanotechnology to give you fast-acting relief. 

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