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Our Guide To The Best Carts In Cali

A dazzling list of the best cartridges you can have in the Golden State.

They’re flavorful, discreet, and potent. Vape cartridges are nowadays one of the preferred products by many as they pack quite the punch and nice flavors in an easily pocketable presentation that lets you get your dose on-the-go without calling attention to yourself and without needing anything else than a vape battery.

From the all-time famous strains to the newest creations, you’ll find everything in a vape cart format nowadays, especially in the new weed capital of the world – California.

If you’re into vaping and want the best, check out this selection of the best carts to buy in the Golden State. The best thing about it? All of them can be delivered right to your doorstep via Eaze.

And it gets better, using HERB30 at checkout you get $30 off your first delivery!

Circles Melonade

This 1 gram cartridge is an uplifting sativa that packs 81% THC and is sure to bring you the jolt of energy that will make power you through the day. Great for creative endeavors and social events, pick up a cartridge of this citrus treat and you will not be disappointed. 

Everyday Sundae Driver

Like cruising down the street with your loved one and an oldies playlist, this cartridge is the perfect companion for a chill, relaxing day. Also providing waves of happiness and a body high that mellows you out, this strain is 85% THC and is available in half gram and full gram cartridges. 

Foxy Pope's Pie

This Foxy hybrid will leave you feeling as free as the pope when he finally steps out of his weird, bullet-proof glass mobile thing. The cannabis resin is made from a unique blend of high potency oil, live resin, and cured resin. That sounds like quite the trifecta. 

Happy Sticks God's Gift

He must’ve made this on the 8th day or something? Who wouldn’t want to spark up after creating the entire freaking world? This strain of the Gods has been granted use by mortal men and woman alike, and it would do your body good to partake. This long lasting high is due to the 80% THC oil and the fact that this is a combination of Grand Daddy Purp and OG Kush. Need I say more?

Circles Strawberry Jam

This half-gram of Strawberry Jam might not spread well on your toast, but it is the perfect treat for those looking for a potent high that lasts. The berry flavors will encapsulate you and the sweet taste will make this strong hybrid one of your go-to’s. 

Legion Of Bloom Sherbert Monarch

Get a nice, balanced high from this indica dominant hybrid brought to you by Legion of Bloom. The strain sounds like a character from Candyland, but this sweet, citrusy hybrid contains 83% THC and could be the balanced pick-me-up to your day.  

Jetty Garlic Cookies

This out-of-the-box strain has a pungent smell of the title ingredient, along with a sweetness that surprisingly balances it out nicely. A cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg, this potent indica is as impressive as it is intriguing. Jetty has you covered with this 1g cartridge that is worth a try. 

Everyday Guavalato

Get the best of both worlds with this pure, tropical hybrid that bursts with flavor and leaves your body and head with a lifted sense of ease and tranquility. Whether you choose the half or full gram, the 88% THC oil is sure to be the 

Foxy Lemon Sherbet

Rumor has it that saying this strain’s name backward will unlock Dumbledore’s office and you can finally get your hands on some magical goods. If that is unsuccessful, you will at least have this pungent sativa cartridge by your side to uplift and energize you back home. A delight of citrus and sweetness, this 1 gram cartridge is just the right mix of tasty and strong. 

Circles Wreckless Rainbow

Don’t fight the rainbow that will overcome your body and soul when inhaling this strong indica. This woodsy and pungent strain is just what the doctor ordered if you’re looking for some relaxation and chill time. This half-gram from Circles could be the top spot in your nightly rotation.

Heavy Hitters Pineapple Express

This just might be the dopest dope you’ve ever smoked. With 85% THC and 1% CBD you’ll get a little taste of the pain reliever cannabinoid, but mostly will be sent to a tropical daydream that relaxes immensely. This tasty tropical cartridge is great for sneaking in a delicious treat throughout your day and uplifting your mood to make the day even better. 

Jetty THC Bomb

Like Winnie the Pooh and his honey, you’re gonna dream about this potent cartridge that contains 83% THC and 100% live resin. Unrefined to allow the tastes of citrus and spice to shine, this pure resin goes through many stages to maximize its terpene and cannabinoid levels. 

Herbology Strawberry Shortcake Balanced CBD

Let’s take a break from the uber potent, slap-you-into-next-week kind of cartridges and focus on this balanced CBD and THC cartridge that will calm your body and mind. A great combination of psychoactive and physical effects, this 1:1 blend from Herbology will ease your pain and leave you feeling relaxed and happy. 

Raw Garden Oahu Kush

Get transported to a beachside villa with Pina Coladas and all the appetizers you could ask for with this tropical kush that comes in hot with 81% THC. You must be well aware of the positive track record that Raw Garden has in the cannabis community, and it would be a great idea to get your hands on this uplifted, euphoria-inducing strain. 

Jetty GOLD Maui Wowie

Get your Kid Cudi playlist going and puff on this 80% THC cartridge that will leave you relaxed and euphoric like you just spent the day on the shores of Maui without a care in the world. Jetty never disappoints, and neither does this popular strain that mellows you out and gives you a creative boost to your day. 

Bloom Farms Sunset OG

Pick up a gram of this tropical indica that is ideal for chilling outside and watching the sunset or stars in the sky. Take a load off at the end of your day and sink into a relaxed, happy mood that is also great before bed. 

Kurvana ASCND High Fashion

Walk down the runway with a strut after puffing on this strong sativa cartridge. The high standards that most of us have experienced with Kurvana extends to this full-spectrum oil that goes through multi-step extractions.

Select Amnesia Haze

This cerebral and funky strain that’s littered with potent terpenes will uplift your mood and get you ready to take on whatever challenges might come your way. With blasts of lemon and other citrus flavors, this sativa has 88% THC, making it one of the strongest on our list and a leading choice among stoners.  

Brite Labs Lemon Meringue Live Resin

You might need sunglasses to deal with this Brite resin that combines a whopping 90% THC with 1% CBD. An extremely tasty strain that has hints of lemon, grass, and pine, this sativa promotes creativity, mobility, social interactions, and has all the kick you need to be energized throughout your day.  

Legion Of Bloom White Buffalo

You’ll feel like a charging buffalo with this sativa that will have you ready to take on your day like a cup of coffee wishes it could. With some of the highest THC content on the list (87%), this potent sativa will be the perfect aid to any tasks or chores you need to be done. 

Kurvana ASCND Dutch Treat

Brought to you by the folks at Kurvana, this 87% THC heavy-hitter will give you a cerebral buzz right out the gate, then fill your body with a sense of ease and relaxation. Let his powerful indica take effect, and trust in process that uses no artificial flavorings, thinners, or glycols. 


Get whiffs of the Sierra Nevadas with this woodsy, pine flavored strain that also contains hints of lemon and herbs. Great for a post-hike session or a chill day at home, this heavy indica rank up there with 86% THC and ultra-potent terpene profiles. 

Heavy Hitters Blue Dream Ultra

One of the best strains on the list, this popular sativa is brought to you by Heavy Hitters, who showcase their ultra-premium distillate made with 100% cannabis native terpenes. Allow this tasty, fruity strain to uplift you and give you a cerebral glow that will increase your aura and deliver a strong case of the giggles. 

Jetty Tropicana Cookies

Mimicking a sugar rush you might get from actual cookies, add this strain to your list of creative juice-flowing, chore-completing, workout-companion strains that keep your mind and body active. You know by the wood-tipped mouthpiece that you’re dealing with Jetty and getting a quality product. 

Everyday Mimosa

Unlike the beverage that it’s named after, too much of this cartridge will not leave you sick and regretful, but rather uplifted and euphoric. Too much of this strain is actually a good thing, as this 88% THC oil gets you bubbly and stoked for your day. 

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