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The 5 Best CBD Hemp Strains on the Market

Here's a selection of the best CBD hemp strains you can find in today's market. Created with Plain Jane.

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Hemp has been around for thousands of years. Yes, you heard it. It’s not the first time that hemp makes an appearance as a source of food, clothing, and medicine. Same goes for marijuana, which has been dated back to the Kush region in rituals thousands of years old.

After a few thousand years, inquisitions, conquests, political wars, and plain out physical wars, hemp and marijuana alike acquired the tag of “illegal substances” in many countries across the world. This was, on all accounts, deeply motivated by political interests. But now hemp and marijuana are both making a comeback.

Hemp is the non-psychoactive cousin of marijuana. Simply put, hemp is also a part of the cannabis family but does not carry a significant amount of THC, the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana. On the flip side, CBD is present in large quantities in the hemp plant, rendering hemp and hemp-extracted CBD completely legal products across all 50 U.S. States. 

Besides, hemp flower contains another cannabinoid that is gaining popularity: CBG. To learn more about CBG, click here to find the best CBG strains out there today.

The Benefits of CBD

Over the years, CBD has been found by consumers to provide highly positive effects on the body. Some of these include anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, and pain diminishing properties. Because there are no conclusive effects, we cannot 100% guarantee that CBD will have the same effect on every single consumer, especially taking into account that every consumer might suffer from a different ailment or medical condition.


What we can say is that a vast number of users have found hemp and CBD to be an integral part of their daily routines. Be it for pain management, skincare, or reducing anxiety; CBD works for many people.

The Top 5 Hemp CBD Strains You’ll be Able to Find

With the growing popularity of hemp, many new hemp CBD strains appear and populate the market. Brands like the Oregon-based Plain Jane are elevating the hemp CBD strain game with great flower at affordable prices. Their goal is to make hemp CBD flower accessible to all by offering a variety of strains. Here’s our selection of the five best CBD hemp strains available right now. 

1. Sour Space Candy

Plain Jane’s Sour Space Candy CBD hemp buds

At Plain Jane, they are experts in growing high-quality hemp flowers with equally high CBD content. Their Sour Space Candy CBD Hemp flower specifically is a CBD powerhouse containing amounts of CBD that regularly exceed the 20% mark. Not that we have to mention it, but THC levels are always kept below 0.3%, which ensures you are not getting high when consuming this aromatically unique bud. A sweet berry and citrus-flavored hemp strain reminiscent of the sweet and sour candies you used to have as a kid (and probably still enjoy). Sour Space Candy provides a mellow effect of relaxation if consumed in the right dose for your particular situation.

2. Hawaiian Haze

Plain Jane’s Hawaiian Haze CBD hemp buds

Hawaiian Haze is a Sativa-dominant strain commonly known for providing feelings of extreme euphoria, happiness, and liveliness. At least that’s the feedback from most users that have tried the marijuana version of the strain. In this case, we’re talking about the hemp-derived bud, which just like its counterpart, remains a bit of a mystery in terms of origin and genetics. However, the strain is clearly a worthy holder of the name due to its pronounced tropical flavors and potent effects.

Unlike many CBD strains in the market, this non-psychoactive bud provides intense uplifting and energizing effects on the body. But like everything cannabis, this is deeply connected to your specific situation and any conditions you could be suffering from. Like all hemp strains, Hawaiian Haze CBD is completely legal, but it does smell rather similar to marijuana upon combustion.

3. Kush

Plain Jane’s Kush CBD hemp buds

A delicious looking, lush green Kush hemp flower that contains around 15% total CBD content per unit of dry weight. If you’ve been around the cannabis industry for a while, ‘Kush’ is probably a term you’ve heard of quite frequently. The reason is that Kush strains are probably the first known lineage of cannabis strains on the planet, at least from what scientists and archeologists have been able to gather from ancient burial grounds. The reason for its name is that it was first found near the Hindu Kush Himalayan region.

This particularly resinous indica strain provides a non-psychoactive but still very potent feeling of relaxation and in some cases numbing effects. Kush CBD is a good option to consume at the end of a long day when you’re trying to relax.

4. Stress Killer

Plain Jane’s Stress Killer CBD hemp buds

If there was a CBD flower with a name that actually sells, it would be this one. Stress Killer CBD Hemp Flower is a hybrid strain by Plain Jane created by crossing Lemon Haze, and Juanita La Lagrimosa. Stress Killer is a particularly unique strain because it needs to be kept in 12 hours of darkness in order to trigger their coveted flowering. Safe to say it’s not a harvesting technique that many growers are able to master.

 Stress Killer hemp buds contain around 16% CBD and the hemp-trademarked amount of 0.3% of THC. Plain Jane’s Stress Killer buds also contains a small amount of CBN standing at 0.3%. However small, it’s not negligible, because additional cannabinoids tend to have an entourage effect on CBD, making the main cannabinoid’s effect on the body more potent. Flavors and scents lean to the citrus-like spectrum, like expected from a crossbreed that includes Lemon Haze as a parent strain.

5. Cat’s Meow

Plain Jane’s Cat’s Meow CBD hemp buds

Cat’s Meow is the last item on the list but that’s not to make you back away from it, in fact, this is one that you should be trying to get your paws on immediately. Plain Jane’s buds are usually sourced locally near their facility in Oregon, but Cat’s Meow is a bit more special than that. An indoor Hawaiian grown hemp flower bud with a CBD content ranging the 15% mark (14.89% if you’re carrying an OCD as heavy as mine). This indoor-grown bud by Plain Jane makes it to your grinding tray all the way from the fertile volcanic soils of Hawaii, which not only makes it a rare find but also the strain with the highest quality of the bunch. Flavors and scents associated with this bud are fruity and also make a dive on the earthy and skunky side of the spectrum. 

October 20, 2020 — Last Updated November 09, 2020
Written by Simón Cartagena
best ofCBDhempstrains
October 20, 2020 — Last Updated November 09, 2020
Written by Simón Cartagena
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