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The 10 Best CBD Oral Sprays To Buy In 2021

When you start your journey through CBD products, you may encounter many options. That's why it's often advisable to start small, and for that, CBD oils are the ideal solution!

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CBD oral sprays contain CBD extracts that are evenly mixed with oils in a bottle. They tend to be flavored, making them ideal for people who are not fans of the cannabin aftertaste.

Since CBD oral sprays are not as popular as other bioavailable forms of CBD like oils or tinctures, fewer studies are made on CBD sprays specifically. Nonetheless, the properties are similar to CBD oils since they are made basically of the same compounds, varying in the style of consumption, which leads us to the next section.

How To Use CBD Oral Spray?

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You can spray CBD oral spray directly into your mouth, but I’ve also seen some people use it on their skin over rashes, sunburn, or acne. An alternative to spraying it into the mouth quickly is taking the time to spray it under your tongue if you are dealing with chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

About five sprays are recommended for each intake and not more than two intakes per day. Ideally, one in the morning and one at night, but it all depends on the variations of the spray you choose to consume.

How To Choose The Best CBD Oral Spray?

I look for backed-up data when searching for the best medicinal cannabinoids. I prioritize the manufacturing company’s standards of production and their business’s transparency, as well as how much their products have been tested and, most importantly, what they contain. Not only the description of the actual compounds but also their origin and testing.

After that analysis, I look for a high quality of ingredients and evaluate potency to make sure whatever I chose gives me the desired results.

That said, here are my top choices:

The Best CBD Oral Sprays On The Market

Swiss Relief CBD Tincture Oil Oral Spray

Swiss Relief

CBD Tincture Oil Oral Spray

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Available in several sizes, Swiss Relief oral sprays activate your cannabinoid receptors to enhance the experience and promote balance in your body. Promising to aid in stress relief and supporting relaxation, the chocolate mint-flavored D-Stress Chocolate Mint Oral Spray is infused with CBD and natural organic ingredients. It promises a quick, natural solution for stress-related issues.

Find Swiss Relief CBD oral sprays in their cinnamon mint flavored Super Sex option for getting your CBD dose with a kink. There’s also a caramel mint flavored Keto Blast oral spray for diet support designed to support your regular nutrition habits with a bit of CBD wellness.

Reliva CBD Oral Spray

I love this spray because it has so much information on the container that you will not doubt what you are taking, regardless of where you got it. Plus, it tastes delicious thanks to the refreshing peppermint essential oil the CBD isolate is combined with.

Reliva CBD offers discounts if you buy three or more of the same products and an extra 15% discount if you subscribe to their website, leaving the spray at an excellent price and worth every penny.

HHemp Super Stress Relief

HHemp’s Super Breath Blast is a strong spray but won’t hurt you. Each blast contains a big, bold spray of peppermint to freshen your breath without harming your stomach. This powerful breath spray is the easiest way to freshen your breath, without overpowering your mouth.

Thanks to its soluble nanotechnology, this product delivers faster relief. Just 2 or 3 puffs are enough for it to do the trick. Considering it has up to 80 puffs, this is a spray that can last up yo 40 uses.

PureKana CBD Oral Spray

Unlike the previous spray, this PureKana CBD Oral Spray has a full-spectrum CBD and a 2mg potency per spray. It is combined with vitamin D, vitamin K2, and, of course, trace amounts of THC (that’s what makes it full-spectrum).

Rejuvia Oral Spray

Rejuvia is an oral spray that will enable you to bridge the gap between a good night’s sleep and a productive day ahead. Its unique blend of essentials oils, anxiety-relieving herbs, and powerful essential nutrients can help you feel naturally reenergized as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Rejuvia sprays are the best alternative to integrate CBD sublingual sprays into your day-to-day activities. Use their Sleep spray to enjoy a night of rejuvenating dreams and their Focus spray for a state of mental clarity and enhanced productivity during the day.

Plus CBD Full Spectrum Spray

Also full-spectrum, the Plus CBD Oil spray comes in various sizes and flavors. It offers a thick extract loaded, curiously, with fatty acids from hemp plants which help to keep cannabinoids together and strong. 

Find this fan-favorite CBD oral spray in multiple formulations in both Monk Fruit and Peppermint flavors.

Elixinol Everyday Rapid Reset Liposome Spray

This Rapid Reset Liposome supplement has an incredible formula that guarantees quick absorption as soon as the spray touches your mouth. It uses a liposome to make absorption easier for your body. These microscopic bubbles carry CBD and improve taste and efficiency during consumption.

Life Bloom Organics CBD Oral Spray

This Life Bloom Organics CBD Oral Spray is super well designed for you to know what you ingested but is also especially thought of for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It has an extra boost from the combination of organic ‘Nano’ hemp and turmeric extract, amongst other enzymes and compounds that support intense activity.

Other than muscle relief, Life Bloom Organics offers sprays for different situations, like the Intimacy, Sleep, PMS, and Wellness spray.

CBD For Life CBD Oral Spray

This CBD For Life Oral Spray is free of GMOs, parabens, and other artificial ingredients. It is made with 95% natural ingredients. It is meant to be fast-absorbing and fast-acting, so it is ideal if you’re looking for an immediate effect.

Elevate CBD Oral Spray

For CBD users seeking an inconspicuous way to take their daily supplement, Elevate’s mint oral spray is exactly what they need.  The easy-to-use spray applicator allows users to target specific areas of their body so that they can deliver their full dose of CBD while keeping their intake under wraps.

Choose from more mouth-watering flavors that include citrus, peach, or strawberry, among other ones like natural cinnamon, lemon, and wild berry.

CBD Oral Spray vs. CBD Oil

How CBD for ADHD Helped This Man Kick Adderall and Get His Life Back

Photography by Georgia Love for Herb

As mentioned before, the main difference between CBD oral spray and CBD oil is how they are used, but in general, the decision of spray or oil comes down to preference and habits; there won’t be a significant difference in effect – nor prices. 

The only factor that could make you more hesitant when purchasing spray instead of oil is that it has been less tested and does not have as much time in the market, but if you ask me, this is not an innovation that worries me. Instead, it immensely excites me to see this product out there.

CBD Oral Spray For Pain

Just like CBD tinctures and CBD oils, CBD oral sprays have a higher bioavailability than CBD edibles, like gummies or gel capsules. That is because mucous membranes on the tongue have tiny capillaries, which help absorb the cannabinoids into the bloodstream much faster.

This means that CBD oral sprays can be great for instant relief of pain, muscular, chronic, or even skeletal lesions and diseases. It has also been found helpful in patients with multiple sclerosis and relief of pain in patients with cancer.

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June 11, 2021 — Last Updated June 12, 2021
Written by Marcos Heredia
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