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Guides | 08.30.2021

The 10 Best Edibles In LA

We scoured every dispensary near and far in search of the best edibles in Los Angeles.

Picture it: Los Angeles, 2021. The world is opening up again, and all you want to do is eat candy that will get you high. We found the 10 best edibles in LA and are here to share them with you.

From gummies to hard candies, even chocolates and cookies. We have only the best to rot your teeth while supporting your health and keeping you pleasantly elevated.

Oh, and if you’ve become a homebody, like many of the world’s population, worry not; Eaze (C11-0000150-LIC) has you covered. With a wide range of edibles (and many other things) easily accessible, you can always have your cake and eat it too.

Circles Pink Lemonade Gummies

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Photo courtesy of Circles

Thinking outside the box is Circles, of course. Clean, affordable cannabis is all that Circles is about. Making pure, clean products and putting the patients first. Literally and figuratively expanding your mind, these edibles, and even their pre-rolls and cartridges, are carefully cultivated and made to preserve the flavor and potency of every bit. 

Take the Pink Lemonade Gummies, for example; the spectacular hybrid creation is the lovechild birthed by PLUS and Circles containing the perfect 5 mg dosed gummies for your next trip. The low-dose tangy candies pack a powerful punch.

And in case you are wondering, yes, these edibles can be brought to your door. So you literally have nothing to lose.

Wyld Gummies

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Photo courtesy of Wyld

All about the natural lifestyle, Wyld only uses natural ingredients to get the purest flavors into all of its products. Every edible is made with the environment and the patients in mind.

The real fruit flavors are where they get you; sometimes, it’s just too good to stop after one. But you probably should.

Wyld has some selective snacks for your wildest adventures (pun intended). You can even choose between high CBD or something with a little more edge in the higher THC range.

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PLUS Gummies

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Photo courtesy of PLUS

The cannabis world has been taken by storm with PLUS and all of their goodies. Recently, teaming up with the heroes of hash, PLUS has brought a new way to experience edibles. Pure, consistent, and solventless, and now hash? I can’t ask for more.

They have brought the future of edibles to the present. Just be careful not to take too many; you can end up glued to the couch or eating all your food.

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KIVA Confections

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Photo courtesy of KIVA Confections

In a world when safe edibles were nearly impossible to come by, two people came together and created KIVA. Delightful, cherished, and dependable is what you can count on with KIVA. A pioneer in the infused chocolate game, with precise doses and all-natural ingredients.

KIVA has been the life of the party with so many diverse flavors, perfect for all the stoners with uncontrollable munchies. Plot twist: the munchies get you high! 

dosist Gummies

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Photo courtesy of dosist

Speaking of precise doses, dosist edibles are just what you need if you are just starting to test the waters. Or if you already know your tolerance, space it out.

Coming at you from the vegan world, all-natural gummies with some of the sweetest and some tart flavors. Dosist has poured nothing but love and science behind each of their products.


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Photo courtesy of Wunder

Speaking of beverages, Wunder has broken the status quo for cannabis-infused beverages. Drinks that are for the mind, body, and soul. Wunder has the three most distinct and interesting flavors making it easy to find a favorite.

It’s easy to get lost in this refreshing aurora of success when sipping one of these sweet little low-dose chillers.

Tempo Crackers

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Photo courtesy of Tempo Crackers

Entering the danger zone is Tempo Crackers. It tastes a little too much like my favorite snacks from 7-Eleven, kind of sus, but we love them. Elevate, experience, and cater to your next adventure with Tempo Crackers. Recommended for fun, laughs, and just a damn good time.

These crackers are perfect for those long hikes or car rides, not recommended for the driver, duh. Enjoy these anywhere and everywhere. Find your tempo for the day with these crackers. 

Atlas Beverages

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Photo courtesy of Atlas Edibles

From chef to the table, made with love and full spectrum rosin Atlas is redefining the way we grab life. Giving us that push, we need to open up that sleepy third eye. Explore the world and these dope Atlas beverages and other amazing edibles to really give you that kick you’ve been needing.

Atlas is more than just adventures in a pouch. Every tasty edible is packed with nutrients and that full-spectrum rosin that really sets the bar for cannabis on the go.

Emerald Sky Butter Cups

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Photo courtesy of Emerald Sky

And the winner for the sweetest variety, Emerald Sky. Cannabis-infused snacks take you beyond where you ever thought possible. With some of the most diverse edibles, Emerald Sky has brought world-class confection artistry to the life of cannabis. Potent, enticing, and downright seductive, these edibles will sure to spark up your day. 

Rebel Coast Seltzers

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Photo courtesy of Rebel Coast

Let’s settle that cottonmouth and sip on some Rebel Coast drinks. Between seltzers, sparkling, and the classics, you have a few options. These cannabis-infused drinks make it easy to enjoy your doses and get creative mixing with other non-infused drinks.

These Rebel Coast drinks are perfect for any occasion in life. Sit back, relax, and take life by the fancy pearls. 

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