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A Stoner’s Guide To The Best Pizza Spots In Los Angeles

Everyone thinks their pizza is the best, so let’s find the best around LA!

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It’s nice to have a usual pizzeria, but let’s see if we can find something new and maybe add it to the weekly pizza list. You want to try something new which will push you to find new things in your area, as well as testing the waters on pizza preferences.

Commonplaces such as these will keep you from getting bored and pushing yourself too far in the short term but can potentially lead to finding new love.

There’s always the appeal of a new spot for pizza lovers, even if it’s just a new vendor or two. We look forward to discovering new places with different food preferences and specialties.

Tapping into the local community is another bonus, whether it’s through social media or word-of-mouth recommendations. Find places conveniently close to home but not too small or too big; don’t make it too big or small.

Best Pizza Places In LA

U Street Pizza

Photo courtey of U Street Pizza

The casual atmosphere and highbrow ingredients are sure to please anyone looking for high-end cuisine in a highly rated neighborhood. As for those who crave something lighter and more relaxed – well, there’s always pizza. It might not have the wow factor of some dishes on the menu, but the house-made crust and fresh, homemade sauce are sure to please.

Casa Bianca Pizza Pie

Photo courtesy of Casa Bianca Pizza Pie

The Martorana family has been serving Eagle Rock denizens since 1955. The fried eggplant and sausage pizza are the ones to beat at this red-checkered tablecloth establishment, even if it’s only available for takeout right now.

Hail Mary Pizza

Photo courtesy of Hail Mary Pizza

Chef David Wilcox is turning out what may be LA’s best pizzas right now and he’s keeping his customer base informed on safety protocols, larger restaurant issues, and the future of his own place. 

Tomato Pie Pizza Joint

Photo courtesy of Tomato Pie Pizza Joint

Once you step into the open space of Tomato Pie, you’ll notice a relaxed and informal vibe and some great music. The typical American atmosphere is fun and easy, but this restaurant also takes food quality seriously. You will always be served by friendly servers who care about how they help you have the best experience. 

DTown Pizzeria

Photo courtesy of DTown Pizzeria

Detroit-style pizza is a breed of its own. When it comes to America’s Great Lakes region, only one city knows how to do this kind of pie right (of course it’s in Detroit—did you really expect anything less?). At Brotherly Love, you will find the standard pizza trappings, but the ingredients are all top-notch.


Photo courtesy of Ronan

If you enjoy eating bread, then you must try Ronan’s. This tiny gem is an imaginative alternative to traditional Neapolitan-style pizza. The dough is supple but charred, which gives the pizza an incredible flavor. Every bite is crisp and small, with an impressive eight ounces of fresh mozzarella, basil, and other delicious ingredients.

Dough Box Los Angeles

Photo courtesy of Dough Box Los Angeles

Who doesn’t love a deep dish specialist that has become woven into the fabric of the neighborhood? Stop through for big, thick, cheesy slices and lots of local love. Dough Box has been serving up slices to hungry customers for quite some time, slowly winning over loyal fans and fan favorites with their ever-expanding menu.

Apollonia's Pizzeria

Photo courtesy of Apollonia’s Pizzeria

It’s hard to think of a more photogenic pizza than the square Detroit-style pies from Apollonia. These dense, expertly cheesy pizzas are filled with crunch, cheese, and plenty of sauce. Not only is this location the best overall choice for go-to pie in LA, but it’s also right in the neighborhood so you’ll always get a small one when you visit.

Prime Pizza

Photo courtesy of Prime Pizza

Prime Pizza is the perfect destination for a quick bite! Offering pizza-by-the slice if you need a quick fix, or order yourself a large pie to enjoy by your lonesome. Either way, what you get will be delicious and full of flavor.


Photo courtesy of Ospi

California-style pizza and house-made pasta at this restaurant, but the sleeper pick is the pizza. The chef has a bit of an irreverent take on pizza, with thin pies that pack on nduja and scallions or pepper. Eat your way through a California-style pizza at this restaurant, but don’t overlook the pasta. Now, you can have it all.

Little Coyote

Photo courtesy of Little Coyote

Born in the streets of New York, Pizzeria Ortica is Long Beach’s best pizzeria. The thick, New-York style pie boasts a crispy crust, topped with a light touch of sauce and copious amounts of cheese. The fresh toppings range from classic pepperoni to their homemade White Pie.

Best Pizza In West LA

Pitfire Pizza

Photo courtesy of Pitfire Pizza

This eatery quickly established itself as one of Southern California’s most innovative eateries, as its wood-fired ovens not only launched the wood-fired pizza style in California but also became an influential culinary force and trendsetter in the process. Since then, the pizzeria has grown into one of the top ten wood-fired pizza restaurants.

That Pizza Place

Photo courtesy of That Pizza Place

Rightfully calling themselves one of the Westside’s best lunch and dinner spots, we’ve expanded beyond selling just pizzas, although we still do love selling the best pie in town. We offer a wide menu of delicious sandwiches, salads, plates, and a weekly rotating menu of lunch specials. We use only the freshest ingredients that we can get our hands on to prepare each dish with TLC.

Best Pizza In East LA

LA Pizzeria Co.

Photo courtesy of LA Pizzeria Co.

LA Pizzeria is known for their high quality of fresh ingredients and food. Guaranteed to your satisfaction with every meal, every time. They believe in consistently providing our customers with impeccable service by demonstrating warmth, graciousness and integrity in their work. You are welcome to visit here and enjoy our comfortable, warm setting and very friendly atmosphere.

La Pizza Loca

Photo courtesy of La Pizza Loca

Home of the internationally known Gigante 32 pizza, with locations in Los Angeles and Tijuana. Look for their seasonal offers and enjoy with your family the traditional and original flavor of PizzaLoca.

Best NY Style Pizza In LA

Vito’s Pizza

Photo courtesy of Vito’s Pizza

Nestled in the heart of West Hollywood, Vito makes some of the best New York-style pizza in the city. Using only quality fresh ingredients with a no-fuss style of simplicity. This spot has been a go-to place for the pizza scene. They love getting newcomers to convert to the NY pizza life.

Rocco’s Neighborhood Pizza

Photo courtesy of Rocco’s Neighborhood Pizza

Nothing like the fun of a hand-tossed pizza using homemade dough, made fresh everyday. Combined with a special secret sauce and the freshest mozzarella cheese. Rocco’s does the East coast better than the rest.

Best Vegan Pizza In LA

Cruzer Pizza

Photo courtesy of Cruzer Pizza

Welcome to Cruzer Pizza. Serving vegan pizza, pasta and sandwiches in this beautiful new space. Many places offer vegan options, but Cruzer is the only 100% vegan Italian restaurant in Los Angeles. People visit from all over to enjoy these fresh vegan eats.

Garage Pizza

Photo courtesy of Garage Pizza

You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy this place, although the flavors might have you thinking otherwise. Fresh ingredients, dope vibes, and perfectly instagramable food, what more could you ask for? Oh yeah, the vegan part, this place might have you questioning if it’s really vegan, but yes the options they offer are totally cruelty-free.

Best Deep Dish Pizza In LA

Gino’s East of Chicago

Photo by Gino’s East of Chicago

Experience authentic Chicago deep dish pizza. The legendary Gino’s East of Chicago coming to Sherman Oaks. Deep Dish, Thin Crust, Salads, Italian Beef and more. 15 TVs highlighting Chicago sports. Gino’s East is beloved by Chicagoans who now call Hollywood home.

Chicago Stuffed Pizza Co.

Photo by Chicago Stuffed Pizza Co.

One bite of this pizza and you might actually believe you’re in the windy city. Best of the best to satisfy all your munchies and then some. With ingredients bought from local markets, you can bet that this place will end up in your dreams.

Best Gluten-Free Pizza In LA

Fresh Brothers Pizza

Photo by Fresh Brothers Pizza

When it comes to providing pizza delivery and dine-in with fresh ingredients and dietary options, look no further than Fresh Brothers. Not only are they in your neighborhood; they’re a part of it. They love creating better food and giving back to their communities.

Lenzini’s Pizza

Photo courtesy of Lenzini’s Pizza

Their special sauce and pizza dough are made fresh daily from their own secret recipe using 100% Real California Cheese, garden fresh produce, and the highest quality meats. Try one of their specialty pizzas with a great side like their spicy Buffalo-style chicken wings, or a cool, healthy side salad.

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