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The Complete Guide Of The Best Sativa Strains Of 2021

The following is a list for those in search of a strain that can enhance their day, rather than end it. A strain that can kill anxiety, rather than enhance it. A strain that can help cope with depression by stimulating activity, rather than throw you into bed in a sulk.

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Sativa has always been kind of a sketchy area for me in my weed smoking habits. The thing I have with it is that as an overly anxious person who most of the time can’t even manage to stop tapping his foot on the floor, Sativa is often a stimulant strain that gives me even more energy than I already have. And trust me, the energy I have is already more than enough.

But not all Sativas are built alike, and not all Sativas have an overwhelming high that tags along with them. The fact is that there are also Sativas that serve as aids or fuses to relaxation, creativity, happiness, and focus. That last one is one that anxious and nervous people like me also tend to have trouble with.

That said:

The following is a list for those in search of a strain that can enhance their day, rather than end it. A strain that can kill anxiety, rather than enhance it. A strain that can help cope with depression by stimulating activity, rather than throw you into bed in a sulk.

The Best Sativa Strains Of 2021

Sour G


Sour G CBG Flower

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I’ve always been from the school of thought that the best innovations come from collaborations between companies that seem to have been waiting to happen. As they say, two minds are better than one. This is exactly what happened with this Sour G Sativa CBG Strain.

Botany Farms, one of the most experienced brands in the game when it comes to non-psychoactive flower has partnered with us to bring this extremely rare Sativa-dominant strain with a high (13.5%) CBG content.

With this flower you’re getting all the effects you’d normally expect from a traditional Sativa bud, but you’re throwing all the psychoactive effects out the window. A CBG bud bred from all-time classic strains like Sour Diesel and OG that will only be available as a limited-edition premium flower.

The bud itself has rich notes of diesel and citrus with a peppery finish that makes a puff on a joint from this flower extremely smooth.

If you’re into Sativas, but you’re not really into ‘getting high’, then this is the bud for you. Plus, you’ll get to try CBG, a cannabinoid that’s slowly claiming terrain and drawing the market’s gaze in its direction.

You can rest assured that all the main features of CBG will be available to you in this state-of-the-art flower that has been harvested and grown in a state-of-the-art indoor facility.

Hawaiian Haze by Botany Farms

A Sativa Flower that’s actually high in CBD content (19.7%), which if you don’t know by now, is actually a rare sight to see. On the other hand, THC content in for this strain adds up to 0.3% or less.

This is the right type of flower to consume if you plan on spending the day kicking butts and getting Sh*t done. A feeling that will not get you high and will keep you engaged in any kind of activity that requires you to be present. Not only that, but Botany Farms is also a company that prides itself in complying with the highest testing quality standards, so subpar quality is not something that you need to be worrying about.

Sour Lifter

Lifters are usually lean towards the strong side of the spectrum. But when it comes to Botany Farms’ Sativa Sour Lifter you can expect a different type of ‘strength’ than you would usually anticipate. Because this bud comes with 17.3% CBD and less than 0.3% THC, the effects of this Sativa-dominant beauty are entirely non-psychoactive.

CBD and THC are not the only cannabinoids present. This work of art comes with a 23.5% content of total cannabinoids that allow the effects of CBD to be propelled by the entourage effects of terpenes, cannabinoids, and other cannabis constituents.

The smoke experience itself exhibits powerful scents of sweet grapes and citrusy lemon that combine with the characteristic diesel-like aroma of Lifter strains. Regardless of the non-psychoactive profile and high CBD content on this product, don’t allow yourself to be fooled, this bud makes for a great morning smoke that leaves you filled with energy and just the right amount of motivation to tackle the day head first.

Pineapple Haze

There are often mixed feelings of love and hate when it comes to haze strains. On the personal side, I try to steer away from them because I tend to get a little, well, hazy. Some of my first beginner smoking sessions were done with powerful haze strains and let’s just say it got old really fast for me.


This is something I have not encountered when it comes to non-psychoactive Haze varieties.

Pineapple Haze Sativa is a CBD-rich strain that comes in a wonderfully frosty white bud coated with crystals and extremely abundant in terpenes. Terpenes that give it a sweet pineapple taste mixed with the deliciously smooth creaminess of coconut milk.

If your experience with Haze strains feels similar to what mine has been, then I urge you to give this bud a try and see how different non-psychoactive Haze varieties can actually be.

Lemon Sour Diesel

If you’re really into high-quality flower and know what needs to happen in order to breed it so, then you are probably familiar with harvesting methods. While here at Herb we leave the growing to the experts, we do know how to spot a professionally grown flower bud when we see one.

LAKE GRADE Lemon Sour Diesel flower is a Sativa-dominant hybrid grown under the California sun and in the incredibly rich Lake County, California soil. Enticingly rich flavors that will excite your taste buds with a sour tang and subtle earthy hints of spice. This, unlike many of the flowers mentioned above, is a THC-heavy Sativa flower that packs up to 23.8% THC per unit of dry weight.

If you were looking for a true Sativa experience, you’ve found it.

Suver Haze

Another Haze strain that makes our day when paired with a strong cup of coffee in the morning. This Suver Haze CBD flower comes packed with a whopping 21.3% CBD content that pushes you to feel focused and alert.

But by alert we don’t mean paranoid, we just mean that, alert. Ready to take it all in and pay attention to even the most minor of details… details that would normally be difficult to grasp with a psychoactive version of a haze strain. A rare Sativa CBD strain that deserves giving it a go.

Sour Diesel

Photo by Michael / Adobe Stock Photo

An invigorating strain that thrives with both indoor and outdoor harvesting techniques, if you’re an enthusiast grower and that’s something that interests you. From a functionality standpoint, THC levels in this bad boy tend to oscillate somewhere between 20-22%.

The high with this strain is pretty dang cerebral and kicks in on the physical aspect as well. Like many Sativas out there, Sour D is a hard hitter, so if you intend to get things done while high you should be wary of dosing this one right. The strain is on this list because it’s helped people cope with anxiety and depression for ages, but it’s perhaps not the best strain you want to be hitting before you head into the office.

Although smells include fuel, citrus, and spice, which actually make for a nice morning smoke if you’re into the wake n’ bake lifestyle.

Jamaican Dream

Photo by roxxyphotos / Adobe Stock Photo

A fruity almost pineapple-like aroma with a spicy aftertaste. Anything you would expect from “Jamaican” quality ganja. Jamaican Dream is great for morning or noon use if your job is in the creative industry. My job is writing, about weed, all day, so I can seriously say that a morning spliff of Jamaican Dream hits just right for me.

JD allows you to stay focused and cope with fatigue, which are two things I tend to have a hard time with. With this spiel of my maladies I don’t intend to use your reading as a way to vent, but rather give you an idea of what the strain has done for me and could perhaps do for you as well.

A 90% Sativa-dominant strain that provides an immediate onset of effects, including feelings of happiness, energy, creativity, and relaxation combined.

Green Crack

Photo by Xhico / Adobe Stock Photo

Here’s one with a name that’s sure to lift some eyebrows. A Sativa bud that helps raising low levels of energy and coping with high levels of fatigue.

A cerebral high that creeps in without creeping in, it just hits you with fruity aromas of mango and pineapple. Which actually does sound like something you want to be tasting first thing in the morning. Green Crack can reach THC levels of up to 25%, which should tell you that the effects can become overwhelming pretty quickly if you don’t know how to handle yourself around a dose.

As long as you can get a grip of yourself and manage your tokes wisely, this can be a morning-recommended strain. But if you’re planning to go all out, head-first, then best leave it for Labor Day.

Strawberry Cough

Photo by Michael / Adobe Stock Photo

The cough part of the name might put you off just a bit. But if you don’t mind a potent smoke going into the old wind bags, then Strawberry Cough can be actually quite nice to puff on. Aromas and tastes of, you guessed it, strawberries that will leave your mouth watering and your body craving more.

Social anxiety could be a tough one to deal with this strain if you don’t have a few joints under your sleeve, but if you can manage then that social anxiety can actually be turned into a happy-go-lucky feeling of euphoria and bliss.

The reason experience is recommended before deciding to consume Strawberry Cough in public is because THC levels may vary anywhere in between 25% and 35%, depending on the grower.

Jack Herer

Photo by Marshall Pittman / Adobe Stock Photo

I’m actually pretty stoked to try a new strain I crossed paths with this week, called Jack Orange. A formidable cross between Jack Herer and Black Kush 98. But the reason why that’s even worth mentioning in this review is because I’m already familiar with Jack Herer and its creativity inspiring, downright energetic boosting effects on my day.

Named after the Emperor himself, Jack Herer strain is a strain meant for recreational activities such as house parties and long walks. It’s a pure Sativa bud (when harvested right) that opposite to feeling overwhelming, actually feels enhancing. Once again, another strain for the creatives and dreamers; painters, writers, and sculptors, this should be your strain of choice.

Purple Haze

Photo by Mark / Adobe Stock Photo

So, I can’t really be sure whether the name for this strain comes from Jimmi Hendrix’s Purple Haze or the other way around. What I do know is that this strain brings an almost psychedelic experience with uplifting feelings. Unfortunately, PH can make you feel, well, in a haze. Disorienting and enhancing your senses to a point where losing focus is quite common.

This bud comes from a well-crafted cross between two landrace strains; Purple Thai and Colombian Haze. This Sativa dominant hybrid (4:1) usually comes in THC levels that don’t stand out from the ordinary at ranges between 15-20%. Terpenes provide a gape and blueberry aroma that’s sure to satisfy the berry lover.

Durban Poison

Photo by Michael / Adobe Stock Photo

Some describe Durban Poison as a morning strain. My personal experience is a relaxing effect with a kick of energy. I don’t usually consume Durban Poison but it has to go on this list for being one of the few naturally harvested Sativa species. THC levels can reach as high as 25% in some cases and are a good entry strain for the beginner grower.

Hulk Berry

Photo by Mark / Adobe Stock Photo

A cross between Strawberry Diesel an OG Kush that has been documented to reach unparallel levels of up to 28% THC. It brings and overpoweringly cerebral high and negligent levels of CBD to level out the high. Hulk Berry is a good strain for when the day ahead is long, but focus is not a requirement.

El Patron

Photo by aepublishing / Adobe Stock Photo

A 60% Sativa dominant strain born from a cross of AMG and Shiva. El Patron leads in with an incredibly strong head and body high, which is accounted for in its close to 20% THC content. Apparently El Patron is also a coveted strain among cannabis chefs looking to make sweet edibles for its unique mixture of sweet terpenes, and for the powerful stoney feeling it leaves behind.

Mother Gorilla

Photo by Mark / Adobe Stock Photo

A Hybrid but still 70% Sativa-dominant strain that provides a slightly euphoric but at the same time relaxing high. Not overpowering, regardless of a high THC content of 25%. But don’t get me wrong, non-overpowering does not mean non-potent. This strain definitely packs some heat and is best left for the weekends.

Amnesia Haze

Photo by Atomazul / Adobe Stock Photo

Amnesia is one of those love-hate strains for me. It’s definitely not one that I like to smoke on the regular but one to have on hand available for those times when you want to forget, hence the strains reminiscent name. Amnesia doesn’t hit too hard on the lungs or your focus, instead it makes you forget what you did and what it is that you wanted to do.

The reason I describe this one as a strain that’s not great for everyday use but good to have available is because there are times when you just want to forget without the need of falling prisoner to the couch. Bred from classic landrace strains like Jamaican Haze, Afghani, and South East Asian landraces. THC levels oscillate around the 20% range and it’s also known for a low 1% CBG content.


If you’ve read anything I’ve written before you might have noticed my inclination towards fruity sweet strains. Trainwreck comes ‘chooing’ at full speed with a mild THC content of 17.5% and a dose of anti-anxiety, anti-stress, PTSD-coping effects. A creative and quick onset that will sit you down to write a 15-strain review in a matter of seconds.

Laughing Buddha

Yet another combination of of Thai and Jamaican strains. Laughing Buddha is powered by almost 22% of THC combined with a tropical mixture of scents and aromas. Laughing Buddha is known for putting you in an easygoing, yet social and talkative mood. Major feelings reported upon use of this strain include a combination of happiness, euphoria, energy, and that good ol’ giggly feeling that launched weed to the mainstream back in the 70s and 80s.


A 95% Sativa-dominant bud infused with the spicy flavors that make Haze strains stand-out. The reason is that Grapefruit comes from a cross breed of Thai sativa with Cinderella 99. It was the Thai strain that first gave rise to the Haze variety, hence the spicy dominant flavor. Grapefruit has THC levels that range around the 20% mark, which makes it a good pain management tool as well as a strain that will keep you focused on any particular task.

September 05, 2020 — Last Updated May 25, 2021
Written by Simón Cartagena
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September 05, 2020 — Last Updated May 25, 2021
Written by Simón Cartagena

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