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The 9 Best Cannabis Strains for First-Time Weed Smokers

Whether you’re new or back after a long break, here are the best strains for first-time weed smokers.

With hundreds of strains to choose from, finding the right one for your first time can be like scrolling through Netflix without any of the title cards. That choice could also determine whether you’ll become a cannabis enthusiast or if your first time will be your last. Perhaps the most important thing is that you’re in a chill spot with some good friends, but when it comes to choosing the right strain at the right time, we’ve got you covered.

The Top 9 Strains For Beginners

Sour G

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Ideally, you want to find something that doesn’t kick you in the butt. High THC content can be a bit overwhelming to first time or inexperienced smokers. It’s like starting out with a gravity bong right away, just something you shouldn’t do.

That does not mean, however, that you should stay away from THC altogether. But it might be a smart choice to try something different first and see what it feels like. In fact, some people (us included) wish they could have had the chance to try other cannabinoids like CBG or CBD before they tried THC.

Sour G CBG is a Sativa CBG strain, which should already be enough to convince you of this beauty just because of how scarce and novel that whole concept is. Heavy diesel and citrus scents with peppery undertones that excite the taste senses. Being both a Sativa and a CBG strain means that you can use this marvelous piece of craftsmanship in the morning to help you cope with rest-induced muscle cramps.

Cultivated inside a greenhouse with strain genetics that will keep you sharp and focused.

The White

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This CBG strain is perfect for anyone who has never smoked before or has been a long time without smoking. First time smoking usually means more potent highs, which is why this CBG is ideal for beginners. It does not have any psychoactive sensations since it has virtually no THC, besides, it does not have any CBD which won’t get you excessively foggy or sleepy. CBG will still get you into a chill mood, relaxing your body, and soothing your mind. It’s a moderate-high that will get you ready for stronger strains and highs.

Berry Cobbler

I like suggesting indicas for a first-time smoke because that’s the way I first started consuming cannabis. Which in my case was a great way because I’ve always had a bit of trouble sleeping.


This can become tiresome, literally tiresome because I quickly got over the fact of feeling sleepy without me having anything to say about it. Then I met hemp flower and realized that this had nothing to do with indicas more than it had to do with the amount of THC I was consuming. Which is one of the reasons why Berry Cobbler Hemp Flower is such a good option for you.

Cannaflower’s Berry Cobbler is a juicy indoor strain that packs fruity sweet flavors that make it a great choice for first-time or beginner stoners who have not yet ‘fallen in love’ with the herbal aroma of weed.

Cannaflower cultivates this strain from a stand-out Berry Blossom phenotype that produces light green buds. The strain’s higher levels of Myrcene, Humulene, and Bisabolol give this flower its earthy profile and wonderful relaxing properties that suit an end-of-day routine.

Hawaiian Haze

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If you want to try a sativa, go with this high CBD strain that brings together the best of both worlds. It will deliver that classic sativa uplifting sensation without any psychoactive side effects, giving you enough energy and vitality to be creative, focused, and engaged throughout your day. Meanwhile, the CBD present in it will let you relax your mind and body without getting tired or sleepy. All-in-all, this premium sativa has everything you would want out of your first weed experience.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is one of the most well-known strains and the perfect place to start for first-time cannabis users. Its mid-level THC content of 17 percent means that first-timers are less likely to be overwhelmed by the heavy cerebral highs conducive to more potent strains. Instead, this strain is known to have extremely mellow and calming attributes which make it a go-to strain for those seeking relief from depression and anxiety.

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Blue Dream

It might be wise for first-timers to start slow with this strain, but the mere mention of Blue Dream is enough to put a smile on the faces of those who have tried it. Blue Dream is an absolute favorite in legal states and is, therefore, a great strain to start with. Its uplifting experience makes this strain great for first-time users who want to be social and alert. With a potent TCH content of up to 25 percent, only a couple of puffs will get you there—where you’re wanting to go.

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When looking for a first-time strain, it’s probably best to aim for a low THC, high CBD option, which is Harlequin has the right balance for beginners. Strains that are high in CBD—the main non-psychoactive compound in cannabis—are used most commonly as medicinal strains, but are also a great place to start for recreational smokers. Those who choose Harlequin are likely to experience all the stress-relieving medicinal qualities of cannabis, without the paranoia that first-time users often fear.

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White Widow

If you’re a first-time cannabis consumer, then you’ve probably heard of the munchies. Well, White Widow is a strain that’s known to have you raiding the fridge, so make sure you’re stocked. White Widow is an ideal relaxing hybrid that is used by medical patients to relieve anxiety and to help with conditions like PTSD. This strain is perfect for beginners who are cautious about an overwhelming head-high.

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Maui Wowie

A classic 60s strain, Maui Wowie is a great choice for those who want to try cannabis for the first time. Bred in the free-loving era of low-THC weed, Maui Wowie offers a much mellower head-high than the super strains of today. At 13 percent THC, this strain will offer an energetic experience and may even boost your creativity and make for a memorable first time.

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