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4 Sublingual THC Products For Fast-Acting Highs

If you're a cannabis lover but not a fan of that burning sensation, then sublingual THC products might be the thing for you.

Sublingual products have taken over the space when it comes to cannabis administration and best practices for absorption. One of the reasons is the effect of smoke and combustion. Not everyone loves the feeling of burning some smoke, but we all love getting relief when we ought to. 

Sublingual products offer a real-time solution in this regard, giving you a complete alternative to smoke and the effects of combustion. You have the effects visible within a few minutes, and this works better than the effect of most smoke or equal to it. This article will focus on sublingual, its benefits, and look at some of the best products.

Sublingual THC vs. Oral THC

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Oral THC is a relatively new product, but it has proven to be effective for many people. Oral THC works faster than the traditional smoking method of cannabis and can work well for those new to cannabis.

Edibles like gummies, brownies, and cookies that present an Oral form of THC intake take second fiddle compared to sublingual. Here is why, on consumption, they are often distorted by stomach acids. The liver then breaks them down. 

Sublingual, on the other hand, is a different thing altogether. On administration, the THC is pulled straight into the bloodstream, this is made possible by membranes in the mouth, and within 10-15 minutes, you can feel the impact of your THC. It is convenient and, importantly, discrete.

Oral THC is more intense, which can take different forms: tincture, tablets, sprays, or strips. Regardless of the form, it works the same.

Absorption Of Sublingual THC

Just as mentioned, the sublingual administration of THC can take various forms; how this THC is absorbed is a critical question. When taken, the liver absorbs THC and then converts it from THC to Hydroxy-THC, which is a more potent and psychoactive dosage. This will increase the functioning of THC in the body and give you lasting effects. 

Benefits Of Taking THC Sublingually

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There are a host of reasons why sublingual administration of THC should be advanced, this owing to the advantages it proffers against the standard options such as smoking and edibles. Here are a few reasons: 

  1. Speed: sublingual administration gives a better functioning of THC effects than what applies when you opt for edibles; with the effects of metabolism assuage entirely, you get the best results within a few minutes when you take THC orally. 
  2. Ease of use: unlike smoking THC, the use of sublingual administration is effortless and smooth. Just get it under your tongue, and the rest is history; you don’t need to get a wax pen or smoke yourself out; it is just smooth. 
  3. Convenience: why worry about a smoking corner when you can apply THC sublingually in a few minutes and still have the same effects as smoking THC? This is the convenience we are talking about; everything is within your reach.

The Best THC Sublingual Products

With the emergence of sublingual THC products, a large market opened up, offering you a variety of products and options to go with. Choosing the right product for each case can be an issue, and this is why we have the finest products under review. 

The review will look at the categories that they fall into and give you a fine detail of what to look out for.

Best THC Sublingual Tinctures

Medterra CBD + THC Drops

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Medterra’s oil tinctures combine pure CBD and THC oil into a single product. This allows for the “entourage effect”, in which cannabinoids and terpenes can work together to create a richer therapeutic experience.

With each serving, you’ll be getting a dose of 2 mg of THC alongside the power of CBD, terpenes, and other minor cannabinoids. The mild dose of THC will give you a gentle buzz that’s perfect for both daytime energy and productivity or pre-bedtime peace of mind.

When you need a focused yet calm mindset to make the most of your day, this full-spectrum oil will help remove distractions and keep you on track. These drops are available Citrus and Chocolate Mint flavors and come in two different sizes – 15 and 30 ml – with concentrations from 750 mg to 3,000 mg

Best THC Sublingual Strips

Kin Slips

Top in this category is Kin Slips, a perfect strip that works within 10 minutes or less. You have an acceptable range of blends to choose from, with a perfect balance of cannabinoids, terpenes, and vegan elements to give you a perfect balance on your lifestyle and health. 

They are discrete and reliable, as the in-house laboratory and third-party laboratories test the product to give you a complete balance and eliminate the chances of mistakes. 

The products are 100% natural and are no GMO; the blends are available in the following categories: creativity and focus, balance and tranquility, comfort and relief, and sleep.

Each blend comes in a microdose of 5  mg THC per slip and the standard 10 mg THC per slip. The choice is yours to make.

Best THC Sublingual Tablets


LEVEL’s Protabs provide a perfect cover for this category. LEVEL is designed to pack a cannabinoid punch. The 25 mg THC per tablet covers you for a day in terms of pain management for chronic conditions.

Just pop one of these in and wait at least 30 minutes for it to come into effect. Depending on the dose you take, it can go up to 6 hours.

There’s pretty much a Protab for everything. They have sativa, indica, and hybrid Protabs as well as CBD, CBG, Delta 8 and THCV protabs.

Best THC Sublingual Sprays


Breez gives you a beautiful list of the best sublingual sprays to try out; they are practical and provide a perfect balance for you. There are six products to choose from, each coming in a 500 mg THC, 250 mg THC, and 100 mg THC. Depending on your requirements, there is a spray that will always meet your needs. 

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