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The 6 best things for sneaking weed into a music festival

What weed?
The 6 best things for sneaking weed into a music festival

Photo by Eva Rinaldi/ Via Flickr

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Before you know it, the days will be getting longer and the sun will be shining brighter. Come March through the sweet summer, you know what time it is: festival season. There’s Coachella in April, one of the largest music festivals in Southern California, and a prime excuse to slip on a floral crown. But that’s not it. All spring and summer long, it’s one giant fiesta across the globe. Before it gets started, you might be wondering the best way to sneak weed into a festival. While we can’t guarantee that you won’t get busted with a J in your pocket, these six products for sneaking in your stash will at least lower the odds and help you party on.

1. The Wand

the want weed in music festivals

The best way to sneak weed into a festival. Photo courtesy of www.janewest.com

At first glance, one could easily mistake the Wand as high-end mascara straight off the shelves at Sephora. But in reality, it’s a chic and sleek compartment for your herbs that also includes the Jane West Collection’s signature Solo, a small two-hitter device that delivers the perfect amount of puffs. The Wand is just what you need to sneak in a quick hit while bouncing around your festival of choice.

2. Manipi Snapback Hat

What could be sneakier than slipping a gram or two in your hat and tossing that bad boy on your head? This stylish and colorful snapback has a hidden stash pocket on the inside. You might not be able to store tons of bud in there while galavanting around Warped Tour, but it will come in handy for keeping smaller amounts concealed.

3. Dube Tube Tampon Flask

The Dube Tube Tampon Flask is just what you need to tuck away up to five joints or blunts. Don’t worry, the incognito tampon dube tube isn’t designed to go in you know where. But that’s what others will assume if you happen to slip one out at a festival. They’re smell proof too.

4. iHit

Part rolling tray, part storage unit, the iHit is a stash phone case designed to fit multiple models of the iPhone, including newer versions like the 8 Plus. By sliding the iHit onto a cellular device, weed connoisseurs can hide up to 5 pre-rolls. The iHit not only locks on tightly to your cell, but it’s also odor-free. That way, fellow festivalgoers won’t catch a whiff of any herbal aromas.

5. Huxton Backpack

sneak weed into a festival with Huxton Backpack

A backpack is a festival must-have. Not just for carrying things like water and sunscreen, but also for hiding your weed and weed gadgets. Just any ol’ bookbag won’t do, though. You need something stealth, smell-proof, water-proof, and lockable, like this backpack by Huxton.

6. KAM

If you want something that looks nothing like a stash bag, then look no further than Erbanna’s fashionable and smell-proof KAM. KAM offers plenty of room to hang on to your lighters, herbs, credit cards, and other small items. Not to mention, it comes with two separate zippered compartments for your phone. A crossbody and wristlet strap is also included with KAM, making it super comfortable and convenient for you to carry around all your festival essentials.

August 12, 2019
Written by Brittney Sanger
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August 12, 2019
Written by Brittney Sanger

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