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Guides | 02.25.2022

The 6 Best Things For Sneaking Weed Into A Music Festival

What weed?

Before you know it, the days will be getting longer and the sun will be shining brighter. Come March through the sweet summer, you know what time it is: festival season.

There’s Coachella in April, one of the largest music festivals in Southern California, and a prime excuse to slip on a floral crown.

But that’s not it.

All spring and summer long, it’s one giant fiesta across the globe. Before it gets started, you might be wondering the best way to sneak weed into a festival.

While we can’t guarantee that you won’t get busted with a j in your pocket, these six products for sneaking in your stash will at least lower the odds and help you party on.

The Stash Light

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Photo courtesy of Smoke Honest

If you want discretion and an unbreakable recipient, then you need a Stash Light. It has a simple design of a little storage tube, plain black, plain fancy. But, it is nigh enough to store a pre-roll or a pipe.

No one will bother if they see it, so you can get it into a festival. It won’t even smell because it is smell-proof. And, it is very resistant to water and hits, so the agitation of celebration won’t harm it.

Another fantastic feature is its wind-resistant flint lighter. That way, you can have a good smoke on the go. And don’t worry if it runs out of gas because it is refillable.


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Photo courtesy of ViceRays

ViceRays are the world’s first sunglasses with hidden joint chambers for on-the-go storage, absolutely perfect for music festivals.

These stylish sunglasses give you a safe, secure place to stash your joints, so you can stop worrying about weed-related trouble. Each arm can fit a pre-roll of up to 0.5 grams.

These aren’t just some cheap one-time gadgets. ViceRays provide total UV protection and are made from highly flexible TR-90. They also have an air-tight locking system so you don’t have to worry about the smell!

To reveal your stash, remove the arms using the clip-in system and remove your joints. Then, it’s time to blaze!

Not only are these great for festivals, but also for hikes, bike rides, or anytime you need to blaze on the go!

ViceRays come in two designs with four color options each.

There’s the Classic Series with colorful rectangular lenses and the new Vice Series with elegant, rounded frames.

Higher Standards x Revelry Companion

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Photo courtesy of Higher Standards

Yes, this is not a tricky gadget specifically designed to get weed into a festival. But, it works. This stylish bag has a secret pocket inside where you can fit some weed and even your accessories. The entire bag has a triple Carbon filtering system, the most advanced odor filtering system, that traps all smell inside.

What makes the Higher Standards x Revelry Companion great is that it’s highly durable, versatile, and waterproof so it’s definitely gonna be your most beloved companion keeping your weed and your personal items safe.

Booze Tube

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Photo courtesy of 2Shopper

Originally designed for alchol, the Booze Tube is just what you need to tuck away up to five joints or blunts. Don’t worry, the incognito tampon Booze Tube isn’t designed to go in you know where. But that’s what others will assume if you happen to slip one out at a festival. They’re smell-proof too.


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Photo courtesy of iHit

Part rolling tray, part storage unit, the iHit is a stash phone case designed to fit multiple models of the iPhone, including newer versions like the 8 Plus. By sliding the iHit onto a cellular device, weed connoisseurs can hide up to 5 pre-rolls.

The iHit not only locks on tightly to your cell, but it’s also odor-free. That way, fellow festivalgoers won’t catch a whiff of any herbal aromas.

Secret Stash Belt

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Photo courtesy of DankStop

This belt looks just like a normal belt but has a hidden pocket that’s perfect for stashing small items you don’t want anybody else finding. With its cleverly hidden zipper, you can stash away your weed, maybe some money, and other stuff you want to keep really safe. This is not only the perfect festival belt but also a useful accessory for skater dads and grandpas.

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