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The 25 Best Weed Delivery Services LA

Say goodbye to shady dealers and sketchy websites. Here are the best weed delivery services, Los Angeles.

In the market for the best weed delivery service?

Getting weed delivered to your door is a true pleasure; it makes a difference and saves you the stress of meeting up with a sketchy supplier or moving around with weed in your pockets. 

It can be tempting to scour Google for the best cannabis delivery companies. Yet, with our guide, you don’t have to go through a treasure hunt to find the most reliable options.

Listed below, you’ll find our 25 favorite weed delivery LA services that’ll get you your bud, your way.

Best Weed Delivery LA: Hyperwolf

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Typing “weed delivery near me” may have landed you in the Hyperwolf world.

Launched in 2014, Hyperwolf is one of the most reliable online cannabis delivery services, delivering nationwide.

Not only do they offer free cannabis delivery for orders $50 and up, but they take pride in honoring the legacies of California’s best cannabis brands and favorite products.

Snag goods like the legendary CAM GPZ x Carbon Fiber Cross Joint, crossing popular strains GPZ and Carbon Fiber for a truly delicious, well-rounded experience. Strains aside, the construction of this joint is a sight for sore eyes – and it smokes like a dream.

Get this from Hyperwolf and explore their impressive catalog for more. When you need quality products delivered straight to your door, look to Hyperwolf and never look back.


Photo courtesy of Eaze

When it comes to cannabis delivery services, Eaze is one of your top choices.

The easiest (and most enjoyable) way to get the products you want – without having to leave the house. Whether you’re looking for a new strain, cartridges, or accessories, Eaze has something for everyone and every occasion.

Featuring the highest quality products, Eaze has curated a menu of the best in cannabis-infused edibles, tinctures, topicals, concentrates, and flowers from California’s finest suppliers.


Photo courtesy of Grassdoor

Out of the countless online cannabis delivery services seen out there, Grassdoor is setting a new standard.

They are the only cannabis delivery service in LA that delivers weed to your doorstep in 45 minutes or less. Guaranteed. Just hit up their ASAP menu, and you’ll get cannabis to your doorstep.


Photo courtesy of Amuse

If there is an online shop that always has an offer or discount that seems precisely made for you, it’s Amuse. With different deals and promotions every day, you can always find something at a better price in Amuse.

They offer all kinds of cannabis products, literally any category you can think of, and this includes Sexual Wellness, which isn’t often seen on weed shops online, so good for them!

If you’re in need of some a top weed delivery Los Angeles experience, then Amuse will do you justice.


Photo courtesy of Emjay

Emjay has a fantastic range of cannabis products, all premium quality. Honestly, I don’t know how they do it, but their delivery is free, and the weed prices are not above anything you would find at any dispensary. They deliver between 10 am to 9 pm, and you can also schedule a future delivery if you don’t make it within that timeframe.


Photo courtesy of MedMen

MedMen has stores in 6 different states, something they can do because they focus on medical marijuana. This is not only great because it opens up the world of cannabis to more people, but it also means they focus on quality, education, transparency, and curation of the products they sell.

You can choose to pick up your purchase from a store near you or get it delivered to your home directly on their website.


Photo courtesy of Ganjarunner

An essential pro about the Ganjarunner products is that they have excellent prices and a crazy variety of selected stuff. The con, coming from someone who is all about aesthetics and comfort online, is that the new website is not very pretty nor easy to skim through. The previous one wasn’t much nicer either, tbh. The good thing is that it is easy to add products to your cart and check out, plus they deliver seven days a week. 


Photo courtesy of Caliva

You’ve probably read about Caliva in some of our other articles; they have a great variety of weed products and their brand, which is good. Caliva has an online shop that looks very much like any online shop, and checkout works like any online shop, too, making it super easy and intuitive to navigate through.

You can request same-day delivery or order ahead and also choose to pay cash if you prefer. If you’re outside of LA, check out some of the other spots in Cali; they deliver too!

Good Tree

Photo courtesy of Good Tree

Good Tree offers several excellent cannabis products and has its own for some products, which are good and cheaper since they have fewer intermediaries. They always have some exciting deals on their website and speedy delivery, in my experience, too!


Photo courtesy of Kushfly

Kushfly delivers weed and other cannabis products from 9 am to 10 pm, so it is an excellent option for when you forget to get your marijuana on time. If you order over $150 of weed, you get free delivery in loads of California cities; check what’s available in your area! Even if you order less, you can get it delivered on the same day as long as you order before 5 pm.

Pot Valet

Photo courtesy of Pot Valet

Not only does Pot Valet deliver weed incredibly fast, under an hour after you order, but it exclusively sells pure weed. By this, I mean they only sell natural weed, without pesticides, heavy metals, or any contaminant!!

Budz Deli

Photo courtesy of Budz Deli

Budz Deli has genuinely any weed product you could be interested in. from edibles, tinctures, vapes, or concentrates to even topicals and accessories. And, of course, flowers and pre-rolls. The downside is that you have a minimum purchase of 35 dollars (pre-tax), and if you spend less than $50, you need to pay a $5 delivery fee. 

Just Mary Cannabis

Photo courtesy of Just Mary

Just Mary lets you track your order, get loyalty points and find out all about offers and deals just by getting their app on your phone. It has a super sleek design and is incredibly easy to use. Just go into their website, and they’ll text you a link to get the app!

Photo courtesy of

What I like about is that they focus on the quality of the brands they offer. I’ve looked into practically every brand they sell before even knowing about, and seeing them on the website makes me confident about shopping with them. They also sell loads of different types of products, including cannabinoids for pets!

High Times Delivery

Photo courtesy of High Times

High Times is now delivering the goods straight to your door. Enjoy the best products the region has to offer, from flower to edibles, concentrates, and so much more. First-time patients receive 20% off with code “HT20”


Photo courtesy of Uplyft

I am a fan of membership clubs. It’s a weird thing, I get it, but I can’t resist being a part of an exclusive club and receiving newsletters and stuff. Especially stuff. Uplyft gives you a subscription box every month if you become a part of their community membership, filled with curated and delicious products that change every month. They also have regular deliveries from 8:30 am to 9:30 pm in different cities across the state.


Photo courtesy of Herbarium

Herbarium is one of LA’s premier dispensaries, and now they offer on-demand delivery. When you shop with Herbarium, you can save big with a sophisticated, curated selection of high-quality cannabis products, many of which are from up-and-coming brands you won’t find anywhere else in Los Angeles. Herbarium also offers free delivery on orders $45+ (in determined areas) and $75+ for the outer edges of their delivery zone.

Sweet Flower

Photo courtesy of Sweet Flower

Sweet Flower has stores in different locations across California, all charming shops, by the way, worth visiting! If you order delivery, it’s not only without charge, but you also get a 15% off all your orders! They also have weekly deals that you can check out online to find the best days of the week to buy what you’re interested in, from edibles to tinctures and topicals.


Photo courtesy of Rebud

Rebud works pretty much like any other online shop regarding functionality and process, but what I find remarkable about their website is the “ways” you can buy, making it entertaining and exciting when looking to see what suits you best. You can choose to shop by form, potency, or, my favorite, personality!


Photo courtesy of CanEx

If you are looking for a high-quality herb, then you’ve come to the right place. CanEx specializes in speedy delivery of the highest-grade cannabis products. You can be sure that your marijuana has been locally grown and tested for quality and safety. 

I can not think of a better way to buy marijuana online than to go with CanEx. They are one of the only companies that reward you for every purchase and referral. They have a full line of products from concentrates, oils, recreational, and medicinal cannabis.

Nug Avenue

Photo courtesy of Nug Avenue

Delivering in several parts of California, from 10 am to 10 pm, Nug Avenue will surely get you precisely what you need unless you’re not looking for premium, high-quality weed. They offer concentrates, edibles, flowers, and pre-rolls and have exclusive deals and discounts for your online purchases.

By the way, if you’ve never shopped with them before, make sure you use the code first order at checkout to get a juicy discount too!

Golden Leaf Scientifics

Photo courtesy of Golden Leaf Scientifics

This same-day delivery service is dedicated to providing patients with high-quality medicine at the lowest possible prices. New members get a 20% off coupon for their first order, and a $50 minimum means you can take home three times more product than you would at a typical dispensary. They are open every day from 8 am to 10 pm.

Blaze Delivery

Photo courtesy of Blaze Delivery

Get your favorite cannabis products delivered to you in less than an hour. Choose from great names like Stiiizy, 4Republic, NUG, and more, or check out the deals page for the top hot products currently in stock. Blaze will have your hands full with a slick delivery!

Westside Organic Delivery

Westside Organic is a delivery service that works directly with strategic partner growers to produce organic, high-quality top-shelf cannabis flower and extracts. Signing up feels like you’re part of an exclusive club, with discreet delivery, member specials, and a concierge you can text.

3C Farms

how to make weed last longer 1

Photo by contentdealer / Adobe Stock Photo

No matter what you’re looking for, 3C Farms delivers. Whether you want a mellow weekend vibe or a high-energy session, they’ve got the strains to match your mood. Their growers are known for their expertise in indoor growing, so their crops are super potent.

Organic Kind Delivery

Photo courtesy of Organic Kind

Organic Kind Delivery has the finest smokeable flower in the city. Their team of growers is committed to giving you only the best product—try their premium shake and pre-roll specials today.

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