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The 4 Weediest Ways To Explore LA

Put your Hollywood star maps down, there's a way better caravan to catch in LA.

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Driving by Dr. Phil’s house while doing your best impression of him was fun that one time, but the evolution of the ‘city tour’ has now been blessed by the cannabis industry.  Way more chill than a party bus loaded with booze, weed tourism gives customers an insider look at a booming industry.  

Offering guests the ability to smoke while being in a controlled environment is part of what makes these ganja tours so appealing, giving people the safe space to chill out and have fun while exploring La-La Land.

Med Tours LA

Photo courtesy of Med Tours

Med Tours LA offers their guests a truly unique view of Los Angeles, particularly South Central, which is their signature tour location. Showing their guests lesser-known landmarks in the area like where NWA sold their first record or Kendrick Lamar attended school, the guides pride themselves on showing this rare and accurate portrayal of the hood.  

The price for an individual ticket to the South Central LA tour is $85, but the cost of a ticket decreases the more tickets you buy. So get a group of your favorite session buddies and hop on this authentic tour of one of LA’s most notorious and influential areas.   

The experienced tour guides at Med Tours LA offer a COVID-compliant experience, disinfecting their vehicles in between parties. Hand sanitizer is readily available and smoking will only include individual consumption, without communal bongs or pipes.  

A custom 420 bus offers a safe and worry-free environment. It will also take you to and from your hotel if your party has at least six people, an additional service that shows Med Tours LA cares about the safety of their customers. 

The amenities inside the bus provide a VIP experience, including crisp air conditioning, a 55 inch HDTV with surround sound and entertainment apps, cold drinks and snacks, and a commercially licensed driver making safety first priority.  

The Beaches and Bud tour is offered on Sundays all summer and takes eager stoners along the Pacific Coast Highway, stopping at notable beaches and dispensaries. Whichever option you choose, you’ll be sure to learn a few things with the folks at Med Tours LA.

Green Tours

Photo courtesy of Green Tours

If nostalgia is creeping in and you’re still feeling a drive through your favorite parts of Hollywood, you’re in luck with Green Tours. Their ‘Hollywood Cannabis Tour’ costs $99 per person and offers a 2.5 hour narrated tour through Tinseltown that starts with a visit to a high end dispensary featuring cannabis in any form that you prefer. Did I forget to mention the 50% tan break you’ll receive at checkout thanks to your affiliation with Green Tours? Now there’s a tax break so nice it would make Jeff Bezos jealous.

Have you felt the force of the famed strain Skywalker OG? Well if you’re like me, you always appreciate the strain when it comes your way, and you’ll be happy to know that the next stop on the tour gives guests the chance to visit  one of the only licensed grow facilities in the area, that just happens to be known for inventing this strain of the Jedi

After your Jedi lung training, you’ll finish the tour in the more classic Hollywood locations like the Walk of Fame and studios in Burbank. 

Green Tours offers a diverse selection of other tours that give a unique look at the weed industry. This includes taking guests to local hash manufacturing plants, lounges for smoking in style, and art galleries featuring weed related pieces. The ‘420 Experience Los Angeles’ tour features a stop at a local glass blowing studio, giving guests the opportunity to see the fascinating art up close.   

The company also offers private tours of groups with up to 25 people, and allows you to pick from a variety of their tour options and design your own itinerary. For more information on tours and pricing, visit the Green Tours website and pick what experience is right for you!

Weedology Tours

Photo courtesy of Weedology Tours

Weedology’s website describes their experiences as ‘music pumping, weed smoking, great vibes, good time!’ Their types of tours include recreational, health and wellness, and Cannabiz.  

Among the recreational tours are the Hollywood tour and the enticing ‘Taco Tuesday’ tour.  Priced at $89 and lasting about two hours, the tour starts at one of LA’s top dispensaries to load your munchies, and then straight over to a local, outdoor taco spot that will surely satisfy your newfound hunger.  

Like any great meal, a dessert isn’t far behind. The last stop on the tour will see you arriving in a puff of smoke to annihilate a slushy and end your treat of a day!

Health and Wellness tours are a great way to revitalize yourself and put health at the front of your priority list.  

The CBD tour will give you any information that you seek about the benefits of different cannabinoids. The infused yoga and massage tours give a nice contrast between meditation-inducing exercises and relaxation techniques. Both have their advantages and will provide your mind, body, and spirit with positive energy.

Weed Bus Los Angeles

Photo courtesy of Weed Bus LA

Weed Bus LA has prided itself on being LA’s foremost full-service cannabis concierge company. Their most popular tour brings travelers to the streets of our old friends Craig and Smokey from Friday.  

A three-hour tour of South Central and surrounding areas starts with a stop at a top-tier reefer retailer that offers guests huge deals on their variety of products. Once you’ve loaded up on your favorite strains and flavors, you will be ready to cruise in style. (And you know this, mannn!) 

While keeping a lookout for Deebo and his posse, you’ll then hit hot spots like the Staples Center, Kobe Mural, Nipsey Square Memorial, Crenshaw, and various character’s houses and filming locations from the movie.  

If the glitz and glamour of Hollywood is more your style, there’s a tour for that! For three hours you can stroll dazed and confused along some of the most iconic landmarks of the entertainment industry, including the Walk of Fame, Hollywood Sign, and Beverly Hills.

If you thought the painting you made at wine and paint night was cool, wait until you create a cannabis fueled canvas of colors. Quite possibly the most interesting option from Weed Bus LA is their Stoner Paint Night in Venice Beach. Their lowest priced package ($49) includes a $20 voucher for free weed, so really it’s like you’re paying $29 for the entire experience. The class is two hours long and sounds like a blast!

With tours offered every day of the week, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for with Weed Bus LA.

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