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Guides | 10.22.2021

Brite Labs PAX Pods Review: Sun-Grown & Quite Stoned

Among the wealth and variety of pods available for the PAX Era device, these manage to stand out for their smashing brightness.

Brite Labs offer purity behind every cartridge and do so again with these offerings for the PAX device that prove as smooth and flavorful as the flower they boast on the label.

Of course, these are produced with plant-derived terpenes, and as the brand’s name would suggest the plants are also entirely sun-grown.

Bask in the glow with these carts and spruce up the rotation on your PAX Era device. Here’s our review:


This indica dominant cross between Chem D and SFV OF packs quite the punch, leaving you infused with warm relaxation and a calm stillness. It’s quite powerful, but still manages not to be overbearing on account of the relative mental clarity the strain offers.

Notice the chemical, diesel-like taste on each drag and feel it fade with an earthy, almost wood aftertaste. It’s a homey strain that hits perfectly after a long and stressful day, topping your evening up with a few extra hours of relaxing brightness to just chill under.

Owing to PAX’s proprietary cartridges and batteries, this device delivers the precious concentrate evenly, smoothly, and discretely, so these could be useful for weekend getaways as well.

Purple Punch

Another flower-forward indica dominant strain that Brite solidly delivers on is Purple Punch. The cross of Larry OG and Grandaddy Purple, this west-coast classic translates perfectly to the PAX form-factor.

It’s definitely a couch-crasher, so bundle up, play a movie or some music and relax. There are notes of blackberries and grapes on the uptake, these are the main appeal taste-wise and distinguish the plant-derived terpenes. The aftertaste is flowery and compliments the experience well.

All in all, Brite’s Purple Punch pods for the PAX device live up to the label, it’s a high-purity product that delivers a surprisingly powerful indica experience, with an intensely relaxing body high, mild euphoria and some muchies.

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