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Dabbing Showdown: Comparing the PAX 3 & A Rig

Traditional dab rigs are far from the only way to enjoy concentrates, how do they compare to the game-changing PAX 3?

Experienced weed smokers gravitate towards concentrates because of their uniquely powerful, clear, and flavorful properties, but there’s no denying that the amount of setup required to dab on their goodness can be quite deflating.

Nails, hotplates, and rigs now face competition from more convenient herbal vaporizers, which can be tuned to exert the temperatures needed to get the best out of concentrates.

The PAX 3 is one of the most impressive among these devices, as it is the first to combine the premium construction and experience customizability that PAX is known for with the capacity to vaporize concentrates, both gooey and solid, as well as flower.

How does it compare to a traditional dab rig? Here’s our insight on the matter, we compared them in four key aspects:

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Photo courtesy of Pax

Let’s start here since we have already touched on it. Convenience is going to be the main draw of the PAX 3 for most smokers, particularly if you’re new to dabbing or just want to ‘dabble’ in it to see how it fits you.

Loading the concentrate chamber is just as easy as filling it with flower, it’s magnetically attached to the device and can hold a respectable amount of concentrate, enough to get you through the day if you measure yourself (we’ll get to this later).

Using the PAX app, you can safely and easily get your concentrate heated up to the exact temperature you’re looking for, and from there on it’s just a matter of puffing away to a concentrate high.

It’s really no match for dabbing, which, beyond the rig, has you using nails, carb caps, and butane torches on your way to a similar high.


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Another standout category for the PAX 3 is portability, it is hands down one of the most convenient ways to take concentrate on the go. Its discrete design and portable sizing make it easy to carry and take anywhere, a longer-lasting battery gives you 2.5 hours of continuous use and when filled with concentrate, its .5g chamber can pack enough for roughly a day’s worth of use.

Long time dabbers might smirk at this remark, but the way in which the PAX 3 heats up you concentrate evenly and at precise temperatures allows you to get much more mileage out of the same amount of concentrate.

Enjoy the taste and effects of wax, shatter, crumble, or rosin while out and about, something unthinkable with a traditional dab rig.


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Quite a bit of trial and error goes into your first rounds of dabbing. Getting the hang on the exact nail temperature (something we’ll get into later) and the right way to inhale is not necessarily something that will come naturally to smokers.

The brilliance of the PAX 3 device lies in removing all these hurdles from the concentrate-enjoying experience, helping newcomers enjoy these delights without mastering some finicky techniques.

What’s more, the PAX 3 introduces app-controlled temperature and a selection of customizable settings that allow you to get the most out of your concentrate depending on its specific consistency and heat requirements.


Photo courtesy of Pax

It’s the temperature control that really takes the PAX a step above dab rigs. Convenient or not, a dab rig will have you sorted and enjoying your favorite concentrate eventually, and ultimately, the greatest contribution the PAX 3 makes is the ability to control temperature down to the degree.

Different strains and concentrates display different ideal temperatures for combustion, with concentrates usually requiring the highest, and traditional dab rigs work their best at a set temperature, which can be usually pretty hard to pin down.

Through the PAX app, you can set the temperature and heating mode to suit each specific strain you carry, all with relative ease. The preheating process is also much quicker, so you’ll no longer spend valuable time with a butane torch in hand.

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