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The Pen You Need For Portable Dabbing

Slim, portable, and powerful, the G Pen Nova is a great alternative for low-cost on the go dabbing.

The simple and portable pen from G Pen gives an excellent vaporizing experience that ticks off the list for what a good pen should do and the vaporizing feeling it affords. 

So if you are looking for a vaporizing experience that will set your day, you have a fabulous choice in the G Pen Nova

The leading best-seller is small enough to fit into your back pocket and is sleek for the hand as well. The 300mAh battery, with a USB charger, gives a satisfying feeling of bliss on every use and lasts a couple of days if you are a casual user.

If you are in the market for a pen with an integrated dab tool, the G Pen Nova might be your favorite because it makes loading the wax quite effortless. It is compatible with THC and CBD variants and allows you to vape your finest collections. 

All of these are just the tip of the iceberg; this pen has got so much you can kill for, so let’s give it a more in-depth overview.

Pricing & Design

Photo courtesy of G Pen

The G Pen Nova is priced under $35, and this is one of the lowest-priced pen you can find in the market, with features that compete actively with pens double its market offering. You enjoy an aluminum design with a silicone coating, from the pen’s body, up to the mouthpiece. 

It comes with a charcoal grey finish, an extra layout that sparks beauty and elegance. In addition to all of this, the pen is sleek and slim enough to fit into your pockets and hands without being noticed. You’ll indeed love this feature! 

You have a single button working as the power on and off button, saving you the extra need for functions here and there; who doesn’t like having his entire piece together in one fit?

After all, it has a good smoke that is the craving, we aren’t looking forward to being computer gurus, so this feature kills it for many reasons.


The built-in dab tool is the first point of call here; it is just beautiful. You have it all in one piece, and I know you’ll love this feeling. The mouthpiece is easy to detach, making it easy for cleaning to happen. 

However, you will have to clean this pen often as it clogs after 2-3 sessions. But if this is all that can bother one vaporizing experience, trust me, it is one less headache.


Photo courtesy of G Pen

The Nova’s coil is made of ceramic and produces a cleaner and flavorful vapor compared to other pens on the list. It is pretty deep and can hold a decent amount of wax, enough to get you started for the day and give you a decent chunk of what deep soul-searching entails. 

There is a spoiler here; ceramic coils are easy to break off when they accidentally drop off your hand during cleaning or just when you are vaporizing. So, keep your eyes on it, treat the pen like a fine baby girl. Don’t let it slide off!

How To Use The G Pen Nova

Photo courtesy of G Pen

Here are six easy steps to use the G Pen Nova; it is easy and very fulfilling. So let’s dive in and find things out for ourselves. 

  • Step 1

Remove the mouthpiece

  • Step 2

Use the dab tool to place the needed amount of wax into the atomizer

  • Step 3

Reattach the mouthpiece

  • Step 4

Press the power button to turn on your pen; hit it five times. 

  • Step 5

Press the power button three times to select your voltage setting

  • Step 6

Once heating is complete, inhale from your mouthpiece.

Yeah, you got it. And if you followed it through to this point, you are all in to enjoy your vape pen at its most remarkable beauty.

Here is one thing to note: the Nova’s temperature has three categories with lights representing them. The blue light represents low temperature, the green light for medium temperature, and the red light for the highest temperature. 

G Pen Nova vs Other Wax Vape Pens

Compared to other pens, especially the XVAPE Cricket+, the G Pen Nova is a bargain in terms of its price offering; it is less priced than most pens in the market. 

But this also comes with a list of things to deal with, first is the battery life, with the XVAPE Cricket+ vape pen offering 1100mAh of power; while you enjoy the long-lasting battery, it is double the price of the Nova after all. 

Then the regular cleaning, G Pen Nova clogs easily after 2-3 uses, this is not the case for the Cricket+, but if you don’t mind cleaning after every use, you don’t have a problem here. You will indeed have a fulfilling experience on the go!

The G Pen Nova is a fantastic addition for you; if you are looking for an extra accessory that sets you apart from the regular vape pens, this pen is in the low price range and gives you a fantastic feeling that connects with your soul.

Save for its short inadequacies, such as battery life and the need for regular cleaning, this pen is an absolute beauty on its own. The best alternative for dabbing that costs less than $50!

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