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The Best Wax Pens Under $50 For Dabbing On The Go

You can now dab anywhere.

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For wax-lovers on the go, squeezing in a quick dab sesh here and there can be a bit of a hassle. Thankfully, wax pens have become more and more popular in the cannabis market, making a discreet dab sesh easy and convenient.

Wax pens, or dab pens, are vaporizer pens specifically designed to vaporize cannabis concentrates. In their most basic form, wax pens are made up of atomizers, heating coils, and a mouthpiece. Wax pens feature tanks or chambers which are filled with concentrates, heated, and then inhaled as vapor. Along with being convenient, wax pens are a healthier alternative to smoking a joint, bong, or pipe.

Dab pens come in a variety of shapes and sizes that suit different users. Here we’ll take a look at the best wax pens under $50 for dabbing on the go.

Dr. Dabber Light

Dr. Dabber


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The Dr. Dabber Light is the most portable wax pen on the market today. The magnetic connection and one-button control make it extremely easy to use, while its compact design makes it truly pocket-friendly. With its one hundred percent ceramic heating element, the Dr. Dabber Light is capable of producing flavorful clouds in an instant.

This device heats up in about 25 seconds and only takes about 10 minutes to fully charge. The pen is composed of durable aluminum or titanium casing. However, the atomizer is replaced easily if you ever need to get a new one after your old one has completely failed. Not only that, but you also get the extra wick wrapped titanium atomizer which includes two mouthpieces so you can switch flavors on demand.

XVAPE Cricket+

XVAPE’s original Cricket was a favorite of many for its ease of use and power. A small and affordable device capable of producing thick clouds and smooth draws. Everything that you loved about it was improved in this new version that promises to be even more successful than its predecessor. The XVAPE Cricket+ provides you with more power, better performance, and more control.

The new Cricket dab pen comes with a pre-heat feature that brings the temperature up as soon as you start inhaling, ensuring you get nothing but the most out of every cartridge you use. It also has an expanded temperature range that allows you to vape at the lowest of low temperatures all the way up to a scorching 430°, so you can enjoy amazing flavor year-round.

Read our full review of the XVAPE Cricket 2.0 for more!


Yocan Evolve Plus

The Yocan Evolve Plus is one of the most reliable and affordable wax pens for the dab lover on the move. Packed into a sleek metal body, this little pen can be tucked into a ski jacket pocket or thrown in a picnic basket without having to worry about spillage.

Yocan has opted to use dual quartz coils over the traditional fiber wick in this device. That means the taste and aroma of the concentrate won’t be altered when heated. Featuring an 1100 mAh battery, this device heats up quickly, supplies a full 15 seconds of continuous heat, and lasts for multiple seshes before it needs to be recharged.

As a bonus for busy dabbers, the Yocan Evolve Plus boasts a built-in silicone container to store extra concentrate. This means you’ll never be without a dab while you’re on the go.

G Pen Nova

The G Pen Nova is great for dabbing on a budget. Besides, it’s the stealthiest way to vape your favorite concentrates thanks to its inconspicuous design. The tiny body of this vaporizer holds a borosilicate glass chamber big enough to supply you with a healthy hit of concentrate. The quartz rod heats concentrate evenly and efficiently without ruining the flavor and aroma of the material.

It’s also super easy to use; just load the concentrate into the chamber and press the power button five times. This safety feature on the Nova prevents you from killing the battery and wasting material when you toss it in your gym bag or purse when you’re on the go. Small but powerful, this wax pen is a cost-effective fit for the busy dab pro.

Kind Pen V2.W

Kind Pen


The V2.W concentrate pen is small and sleek, with a dual ceramic rod and titanium coil atomizer that heats up quickly, releasing massive amounts of vapor. It’s made of only pure, food-grade materials, so you won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals or toxins. This is a great portable pen for any beginner at the art of vaping concentrates or a unique and fun gift for any connoisseur.

This beautifully designed vaporizer lets you enjoy all your concentrates on the go since it’s lightweight and easy to carry around in your pocket or purse. This 20700 high-capacity lithium-ion battery is made to provide long-lasting charge for days without requiring more than a few minutes to recharge. Its dual ceramic rod and titanium coil atomizer heat up quickly within seconds, creating huge clouds and smooth flavor with each exhale.

Atmos DHK

The Atmos DHK is a simple to use wax pen made for vaping waxy oils. This pen comes complete with its own charger, and you can even place it on your keys so you can vape on the go! From Atmos, this vape pen is extremely convenient and delivers hits that will rival your dab rig. If you’re looking for an alternative to hard waxes, or an upgrade from smoking flower, grab this pen and vape out!

The device provides instant heat-up via a single click of its button, along with a ceramic heating chamber that heats your material evenly and provides an amazing vaping experience. Additionally, its convenient size and portability mean you can take the device anywhere – get ready to wave goodbye to smoking forever!

Yocan Magneto

The Magneto is an all-in-one pocket vaporizer that’s designed to please. Its ergonomic shape is pocket and purse-friendly and it comes with a collapsible, silicone stash case for added durability. The Magneto has a powerful ceramic heating chamber and an all metalized airflow structure that results in a smooth, fulfilling vape. A simple magnetic connection makes adding your wax and removing it cleanly easy.

The Magneto is also the first-ever wax vaporizer to incorporate a silicone wax container right into the mouthpiece! By chemically forming the silicon around the Yocan Quartz Dual Coil, it creates a storage compartment that is both waterproof and heat-resistant.

KandyPens MiNi



The KandyPens MiNi wax vaporizer is a small, handheld device that combines elegant simplicity with optimal functionality. The vape extracts essential oils from your favorite wax, delivering smooth and potent draws with every pull.

The traditional glass bowl-style chamber features a ceramic disc atomizer to optimize the purest flavor when taking pulls directly from the unit. A new feature included in the MiNi is an elevated airflow system. This flow regulation system regulates air above the heating coil, while the mouthpiece applies suction to draw vapors towards your lungs.

Puff Stinger Stick

The Puff Stinger Stick is a cute vape pen that makes vaping your oils or waxes a breeze. The glass chamber allows you to see the concentrates transforming into vapor as you hit it, and the battery life on this sucker lasts (roughly) forever.

Cleaning this bad boy is super easy, which is what we’d expect from a portable vaporizer. The Puff Stinger Stick comes with two mouthpieces, one for vaping on the go and one for when at home. This thing really couldn’t be any easier to use if it had a simple ON/OFF switch.

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February 09, 2021 — Last Updated July 28, 2021
Written by Herb
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