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Guides | 08.31.2021

XVAPE Cricket Review: Your Portable Dabbing Solution

We were big fans of the original XVAPE Cricket... until we tried the new version.

Dabbing your favorite concentrates should be effortless, with a touch of elegance, at all times. A wax pen is one of the few ways you can stay on top of your game and make out with your weed, as you will love it. 

Choosing the best wax pen for this need can be an issue, and this is why we have the XVAPE Cricket 2, also known as the Cricket+, under review to guide you to arrive at a fulfilling experience.

While the XVAPE Cricket+ is loved for its sleek design, beautiful vaporizing experience, excellent battery life, and heating chamber that joins to make this product one of the finest you can find in the market, it offers more than what meets the eyes. 

The ease of use is a particularly striking point for me; even a novice can find his way around this pen and go dabbing in a split second. It is as simple as that. Here are some highlights that set this wax pen apart from the others.


When it comes to portability, this pen kills it. It is as small and compact as a wax pen should be; so sleek that you can easily forget it in your pocket or even forget you have it with you. The sleek design makes it travel-friendly, a feature that will allow you to take a puff, just anytime the soul calls for it. 

The refillable tank makes things even better, as you don’t need to start each session afresh. Just add a little more content to your heating chamber, and you are off to a soul-lifting vaporizing experience.

Ease Of Use

This is one area where we have the box ticked completely. The Cricket+ has a single button for everything, so you don’t complicate things. And this is beautiful, as you will save the time needed to figure things out. You need to press the on button, and boom, you can puff away your favorite smoke. 

This unique feature endears this wax pen to both old and new users, as you can easily use it without the extra stress of going through instructions.


Photo courtesy of XVAPE

The magnetic glass mouthpiece is a significant attraction for this device; it is built to give you a refilling experience on the go and comfort starting from the design. The pen has an excellent black finish and comes in a portable hard-shell case, making it fantastic for your use.

How Does It Work?

Having hindsight on how the wax pen works will help you to vape away at a go. Interestingly, when the vape feeling comes, it cannot be compressed at times, and trust me, delay at this point can be dangerous. Knowing how your vape pen works will allow you to get going at all times, regardless of the need at hand. 

Here are some quick steps to use XVAPE Cricket+

  • Step 1

Click the power button five times to turn the wax pen on. 

  • Step 2 

Click and hold the power button when you want to vape, and you will have everything working at a go. 

  • Step 3

Please turn off the wax pen when you are done vaping to preserve it. 

Charging Your XVAPE Cricket 2

Photo courtesy of XVAPE

Charging your XVAPE Cricket 2 is an easy task, as you only need to remove the mouthpiece, expose the battery compartment and get your device charging again. 

There is a spoiler here; however, sometimes, we may want to enjoy every straw of the vaporizing moment and let go of the consideration or thought of checking the battery life of the wax pen. 

This can pose big trouble with the Cricket+; you must ensure your battery doesn’t get below 2%. If this happens, you might not be able to charge your wax pen again; therefore, regardless of the breathtaking experience you are enjoying, keep your eyes on the battery life. 

Here are a few things we find a bit off the board on this wax pen, namely:

Absence Of Temperature Flexibility

This wax pen, unlike others, doesn’t come with a pre-set temperature level; it heats from 580 degrees up to 930, you cannot control this temperature, and this is a major spoiler, as your wax pen can get so hot at times. When the temperatures are too hot, your vapor will be too hot to inhale; this will, in return, cause discomfort to your throat and lungs. 

Battery Life

This is another area that speaks more minor of the good qualities of the wax pen, but with a price under $50, this wax pen performs excellently in this category. Also, the fact that it can charge fully within a few minutes means the issue with the battery can be discarded. 

The XVAPE Cricket 2 stands out in terms of performance as a wax pen with good standing, there is just so much to enjoy on this wax pen, and a vaporizing session with this pen will always gladden your heart. With a very accessible price point, you are guaranteed the best dabbing experience with this wax pen, and we remarkably recommend it. 

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