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Genius Pipe Review: The Future Of Pipe Smoking

Using a pipe for the first time could turn out to be an unpleasant experience if you don't know what you're doing... well, not with The Genius Pipe.

Like any serious stoner, I’ve always fancied myself a truly well-designed, lightweight, cool-looking, smoke-cooling, classy & fashionable yet discreet pipe.

I’ve found a few. In fact, I own a few. But I’ve always had an issue with smoking from a pipe because it tends to really raise hell on my throat. After using any pipe my throat feels extremely sore.

To be fair, this happens to me with joints as well. But for some reason, pipes just seem to do their best work on me.

So, even though I love pipes for their convenience (no rolling), I seldom use them because of what they do to my throat.

It turns out that I was just not using the right device.

And after you get done with this review I’m hoping you won’t either.

A Genius History

Photo courtesy of Genius Pipe

Genius has been around since early 2014, and since then they’ve learned a thing or two about pipes and cooling systems. Something that you’ll learn comes in handy if you feel that pipe smoke is a bit too heavy on your throat.

By bringing on experienced engineers who know a thing or two about cooling systems, they’ve put together a pipe for the ages. One that promises cool clouds, residue-free rips, and smell proof storage.

The Genius Behind the Pipe

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I’ve mentioned cooling technology a few times already. So let’s start with that.

Vortex Technology Cooling System

The Genius Pipe uses the same patented cooling technology used on cooling nuclear reactors. The inside of the Genius Pipe, where the smoke runs through when you inhale on the opposite end of the device, is designed with a dimpled surface that churns particles through thousands of micro-vortices.

These vortices help disperses smoke particles for cooling and syncs them back together through the mouthpiece. This design also acts as a water-free filtration system and is known as ‘Vortex Technology’.

Blocks Residue

The design of the pipe also helps stop unwanted plant residue from reaching your mouth and getting into your lungs. This makes the Genius Pipe not only a pleasant device to use but also a healthier option than traditional bongs or joints with crappy filters.

Easy Clean Design

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The two main body pieces that compose the Genius Pipe are held together by heat resistant magnets. This design makes it incredibly easy to snap open the pipe without having to play with the product too much.

When opening the Genius Pipe for cleaning purposes you have two options; wiping down the insides delicately with a q-tip or dropping all the parts in boiling water or a mix of water and alcohol. We recommend doing both for parts that have seen way too many sunsets.

Discreet & Smell Proof

The Genius Pipe is not your traditional-looking pipe. In fact, it looks like anything other than a pipe. If you’re a traditionalist this might not be to your liking, but we think it looks incredibly stylish. Pretty much like any electronic device that you’d keep in your bag, purse, or pocket.

The two parts are engineered so the top of the pipe can slide up and down the length of the pipe’s body. This serves two purposes; Exhibiting a bigger and more comfortable opening so that you can pack the bowl with herb and keeping smell from funking up your bag.

Conserves Herb

Once you’ve packed your bowl with freshly ground herb, you can slide down the top of the pipe to place the smallest opening directly on top of your herb. This design is meant to keep the fire from your lighter from hitting the herb full-torch.

The perfectly designed opening allows just enough oxygen to hit the packed bowl to keep your herb lit but not so much as to charr the material completely. This behavior makes it so you can enjoy a fully packed bowl for more than just a hit or two. Conserving the valuable trichomes and coveted ganja.

Conveniently Portable

The beauty of any well-designed pipe is that it’s convenient to use. That is one thing that the Genius Pipe sure is. Easy to pack, easy to use, but most importantly, easy to transport. The Genius Pipe fits snuggly in any pocket and is incredibly lightweight.

Additional Perks

The G-Stone

Photo courtesy of Genius Pipe

The G-Stone is a ceramic sponge accessory that allows you to repurpose your Genius Pipe into a concentrate vaporizer. The stone fits right inside your bowl, once you place it there the concentrate goes right on top of the stone.

You will then apply heat to the stone and concentrate while inhaling at the same time. The material will then start to slowly absorb into the stone and vaporize inside it. This style of vaporizing guarantees an undiluted, strong, and nothing but tasty hit. All done without the need for a rig, water, hot nails, and torches. Like anything you would expect from the Genius Pipe; convenient and easy.

The Water-Free Dab Rig

Photo courtesy of Genius Pipe

If you’re not quite ready to use the stone and prefer sticking to something that sounds a bit more familiar, the Genius Pipe also has an incredible dabbing adaptor accessory you can use.

The part is sold separately and even comes with a case that works as a carb-cap. The nail or banger fits precisely on the bowl of the Genius Pipe and attaches securely to it. The patented dimple design on the dab adaptor creates millions of micro vortices with every inhale, providing you with a filtered, clean, and cool puff.

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