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15 Smart Ways To Stash Your Weed At Home

Looking for the best places to stash your cannabis? We’ve got you covered!

A good stash spot for your weed will be entirely unsuspecting—it will not only conceal it but it will also hide the smell as well. These spots can help with nosy family, pesky landlords and whoever else just doesn’t “get” Mary Jane like you do (because you’re in love).

Many of these spots hide your marijuana in plain sight which can fool even you (so don’t forget where you put it). Get that crafty mind working and check out these top 10 stash spots for keeping your cannabis safe.

How To Hide Weed

Best Places to Hide Weed in your Room

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Thanks to the internet, you now have seemingly endless options for imaginative places to hide your bud. One quick Amazon search for “discrete safe” and you’ve hit the motherload. If you’re trying to hide pounds of dried herb, however, you might be in for a struggle. But if you are simply looking for the best places to hide your stash, we’ve got you covered.

From fake rocks to fake bibles, there’s a myriad of possibilities for safe weed hiding. Here’s a selection of some great places to hide (and protect) your stash.

The Best Places To Hide Weed

A Secret Stash Clock

This Stash Clock is a perfect gift for any who just possesses an ample amount of herbal paraphernalia that requires proper storage. The interior shelves are equipped with hinges to disappear into the wall whenever they’re not in use, making it a functional decorative piece wherever it happens to be.

This is one of the sneakiest products for hiding weed because it’s a functional clock. It operates using one AA battery, not included. It’s small enough to fit on any wall but big enough to store all the necessary smoking essentials.

Ugly House Re-Stash Storage Jars

Ugly House Re-Stash Jars are a fantastic product to help keep your stash fresh. Not only do they come in every color under the sun, but they use standard canning jars for the collection so you buy what you want when you want it. Their opaque covers maintain their airtight qualities and prevent UV light from deteriorating your bud.

There are two sizes, both in opaque colors as well as swirling tie-dye patterns. Mason jars work with standard lids, but the Ugly House Re-Stash Jars have their own unique top.

A Secret Stash Book

This is a fantastic small safe that looks great and is incredibly strong. Made from metal, it’s perfect for storing all of your items and valuables.

It is an innovative, secure storage device that measures 2 x 7 x 5 inches. Its functional capacity allows it to become a practical tool for the safekeeping of all kinds of essential materials.

It’s the perfect place to keep all your prized herbs. The design is compact, and its key locking system protects everything inside. It’s small enough to hide in a bookcase or closet, or even sit on a shelf for easy access.

A Secret Stash Hair Brush

This inconspicuous-looking hairbrush is a discreet storage box used to store precious objects or powerful herbs.

All that is needed is to use the hidden chamber located in the brush head. A capacity of two 1-¼-inch pre-rolled joints has been incorporated. It also comes with other great features.

Internal capacity of 3.5 grams and made of high-quality plastic. It’s an everyday design object ideal for use in multiple rooms. It has a simple functionality in an object that doubles as a brush. Dimensions of 1 x 9 x 1 to provide the ideal and precise result

An Accomplice Flask

Get an accomplice flask for you! It’s a large metal object that’s exactly what you need to store your essential objects. It is both reliable and durable.

The stainless steel design also includes a bender supply box and a mini funnel so that you can do more with your bender.

This flask is made of grade stainless steel and is a useful accessory for any man. It has 5 oz. liquid capacity and a threaded lid with hinges, making the cap easy to fit and take off. The supple body material makes it long-lasting and quite durable. This item can be used in many situations – for concentrated herbs, cigarettes, money, or any small object you need to hide.

A Cool Storage Jar

This porcelain bottle is hand-painted and hand-molded in an elegant shape. It comes with a matching lid and has a capacity of 250 ml.

They took ample measurements when designing this product. This porcelain jar can house your cigarettes, cigars, and herbs. It is a beautiful accessory for any cookout or camping trip.

This is a premium, classy, rust-proof storage container designed for storing herbs. It has an airtight design to prevent any leakage

A Doob Tube

We believe having a portable case in the form of a tube can be the classic option that suits the needs of any smoker. Thus, it is ensured that the materials used are efficient and non-toxic. At the same time, they serve users with high-quality portable cases for smoking and everyday purposes.

No more messy rolling. The silicone filter tip is a two in one storage unit that holds dry herbs and allows for the easy preparation of smoke.

The iHit Stash Phone Case

The place no one ever looks for your weed? Your phone! Phones are generally flat, making them challenging places to hide your herb. But, the folks behind the iHit figured there was a better way to optimize your phone space.

Store a few joints or perhaps even a gram or two in this simple yet ingenious smartphone cover. The iHit Stash Phone Case is available on Amazon for $20.00.


This SPAM can has a removable bottom that reveals the stash compartment. It should be relatively safe in your pantry. After all, who actually wants SPAM? This SPAM Can Diversion Safe retails for $10.99.

A Diversion Coca Cola Can

Like the stash book, these cans can be bought online and they come in any presentation you want: Monster EnergyArizona, or Coca-Cola cans are just a few examples. Choose your favorite drink to be your secret stash-can. They are, however, quite easy to make and can be an awesome stash spot for both the house and on the go.

A Fire Extinguisher Safe

The stealth storage space inside this “fire extinguisher” measures about 5.5″ x 2.75″ (perfect to fit something like the DaVinci IQ2 with the rest of your stash).

It unscrews from both the top and the bottom. It’s one of the best stash products around as no one will ever think to tinker with it. This 11” Fire Extinguisher Security Container retails for $33.00.

A Locked Stash Box

A great way to protect your valuables, this storage box includes a number combination lock so no one can get into your stuff as easily.

This box provides ½ more space than the standard box, and a set of trays offer extra convenience for you when getting herbs or things out.

This rustic wooden safe opens in seconds and is secured with a rugged deadbolt lock for added security. Made from high-quality maple wood, this portable safe fits perfectly into any home or office decor. It’s strong enough to store important or personal items.

A Toilet Paper Tube Diversion

This functional toilet paper roll holder keeps your stash hidden in plain sight. The hiding area is 6″ long. An airtight container fits inside.

How many stash-thieves are going to check your toilet paper roll holder? This Hollow Toilet Paper Diversion Safe must be included on any list of the best stealth stash products. It retails for $16.71.

A Security Safe Toilet Brush

Who wants to mess with your toilet brush? That’s just weird; which makes this one of the best stealth stash products available. This Stash Safe Toilet Brush Diversion Safe contains a small storage compartment inside.

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