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Grobo Grow Box Review 2022: Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to growing your own weed, proper care is extremely important. With Grobo's devices, you'll be able to automate almost everything to ensure the highest quality buds. Here's our full review on them.

Grobo’s sole mission is to ensure that you can get the most out of your indoor plants with the less possible work put into them. They sell products designed by themselves, all of them using high technology with each detail in mind.

And what adds the most value to their company is that they have become your partners since the first purchase, providing educational material and on-demand support from the beginning of your journey.

They started producing Grobo Pods back in 2014, then developed their technology into an enhanced box, the Grobo One – or Grobo Premium as they call it today. Finally launched the Grobo Solid: an accessible box that can now be shipped across the US and Europe.

They also offer all kinds of starters and supplies for your grow products, and even swag for the grower fashionistas… all of these items are easy to check out and purchase through their website and even easier to use!

Grobo Grow Box Prices

Photo courtesy of Grobo

Grobo grow boxes are amazingly useful and efficient, and of course, with great value come considerable prices. Today, a Grobo Grow can get up to 2,000 USD, definitely an investment worth the while, but also one that you want to make sure you are ready for.  Consider that you’ll be saving money on weed once you start growing your own!

An excellent way to make this analysis is using their return-on-investment calculator, found on their website. I think it is an exciting indicator to help you know precisely what you are in for and calculate how much it would cost to put something like this together yourself – although probably not quite like this, considering all the technology involved.

After choosing to purchase a Grobo grow box, if you do it directly from their website, you will find financing options that may also make this a far more accessible option for your indoor-grown plant setup.

How To Use A Grobo Grow Box

Grobo machines are fully automated, so it’s basically a plug & play system! The Grobo uses a hydroponic growing system. This unique method kicks traditional growing methods to the curb by providing an organic way of growing plants without soil.

However, you will need to do tasks like refilling the water tank. Still, Grobo will send you a note reminding you when and how to do it. The same goes for trimming. You’ll have to do it yourself but Grobo will send you a notification whenever you need to do it.

There are three different Grobo devices out there, and each has its specific ways of working. Here is a detailed review of each one:

Grobo Start Grow Box Review

The Grobo Start is a seed starter kit that works just fine with both the Premium and Solid grow boxes. It includes two light cycles, a LED light with adjustable height thanks to its removable light extension, three growing pods with water level indicators, and seed covers. It also includes a humidity dome for better germination (which, by the way, looks adorable) and a removable water tank.

And, the best feature, the educational push notifications that come along with the Grobo App. One great thing about Grobo is that the Grobo App will be right there with you from the beginning, helping you track and maintain the status of your plant every step of the way.

The Grobo Start comes with three-peat pods in which you add your seeds, which need to be pierced before doing so. The peat pod shouldn’t touch the water but hover over it with its wick long enough to handle the water.

Eventually, you will add the light and follow the instructions (which are super clear, and you can always contact Grobo’s customer support if you need more information or advice) until it is time to transplant your plant, right after germination is complete.

Grobo Solid Grow Box Review

The Grobo Solid Box has 8-spectrum LED lights, reaching incredibly high yields, a smell-reducing carbon filter, ideal for those who need to be… reserved about their plants.

Same as the steel lick which keeps all kinds of creatures, from pets to children, away from your herbs, dual intake fans that air-dry your plants, which will grow strong and healthy thanks to that and their nutrient dosing – automatically adjusted, as well as space’s pH, and a 3-gallon water tank at the bottom.

If you had a hard time imagining all of this, visit their website and take the AR tour with their cool AR Viewer.

The Grobo Solid makes growing crazy easy; you need to add your seed, germinated or not, add water, and… that’s it. Just wait and let it grow. You also need to change the water every so often, nothing the Grobo App can’t remind you of.

Grobo Premium Grow Box Review

The Grobo Premium Grow Box is very similar to the Solid Grow Box, except that it also has a fluid glass on the door, allowing you to look at your plant without opening the door of your grow box.

It is the same size, a super sleek designed 14 x 14 inch cube, and the same five bottles for adjusting pH and dosing nutrients. Bottles 1 and 2 adjust pH, one basic and one acid, and the remaining three feed the plant with their micro, macro, and balanced formulas.

It is effortless to use any of the three products and an investment that may come as a shocker initially but pays itself in the not-so-long run.

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