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Guides | 01.12.2022

Grow: How To Set Up Your First Home Grow

The tips and tricks you need to know to grow quality weed at home.

Beginning your first home grow venture? This article is a great way to start. In this guide, we’ve broken down what you need and need to know as you start your first home grow operation. From light proofing to climate control, here’s everything you need to start growing your own weed.

Which Seeds Do You Need?

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Before you run to set up your grow space, you need to know which strain you’re looking to grow. This way, you can set up the essential environment that particular strain needs to flourish. It’s important to know where the seeds come from to determine their quality. The best countries that produce great seeds are Australia, the Netherlands, India, Colombia, and the United States.

Where Should I Start?

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Light leakage is one of the top issues with grow rooms because they’re as bright as day. Make sure to seal all spaces where light can shine through; you can do this by inspecting for holes and cracks and patching them up with a few layers of tape.

An Airtight Grow Room

Now that you have your seed and a dedicated space for your home grow, ensure that your space is sealed well and airtight to keep the scent from roaming through your home. An air exchange system will definitely benefit your cannabis and the air around your residence.

Proper Ventilation

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Cannabis plants need proper air exchange, and this is why your grow room needs an oscillating fan to promote good air circulation. In order for the cannabis leaf stomata to produce efficient gas exchange, the plant needs fresh air. Moving air will also strengthen your stems and produce maximum yields. Consider installing a carbon filter to your grow’s exhaust system to lessen the aroma.

Climate Control Is Key

The best way to control the humidity inside your grow room is using a dehumidifier. A warm and humid environment is key to increasing your plant’s growth during the vegetation stage. Then, when you want to increase the cannabis flowers and buds, manipulating the environment to lower temperatures and less humidity is your best bet.

You can control the temperature inside your grow room by using a small and portable reverse cycle air conditioning unit. You can also use heaters and humidity-modifying units with built-in hygrometers and thermostats to switch them on and off, depending on the environment you need during your plant’s different growth stages.

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